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RAID Centres of Excellence

Becoming a RAID® Centre of Excellence.

To become a RAID Centre of Excellence is challenging and exciting because the bar is set high. But if you are enthusiastic about the RAID approach and talented at applying it to your service then it is definitely for you. If this is the case, then you will look forward to our assessor visiting and seeing how well you and your colleagues are applying it. A service accredited as a RAID® centre of excellence covers at least these bases:

When you are confident that you meet these criteria, you can invite us to conduct an assessment. This involves an assessor from APT visiting your service. The cost for this assessment is $1,575 (plus travel expenses for the inspector), regardless of the outcome.

The assessment visit is your chance to demonstrate to the assessor how well you apply the RAID principles, and that you cover the four bases listed above, and do so excellently. It is entirely up to you how you set up the visit - there are no prescribed guidelines, but you might consider the following:

This may sound quite daunting and, in a way, it is. But by way of reassurance, bear in mind you have nothing to lose: the assessor has no power or desire to criticize your service; just the reverse, he or she will be a positive, constructive, RAID-oriented senior professional who will be genuinely interested in your practice and keen for you to succeed. If you don't succeed in the first instance the assessor will endeavour to make helpful suggestions so that you may do on a subsequent visit.


On successful completion of the assessment you will:

Each service needs to be reassessed every two years.



Q. Our service has (e.g.) nine units split over (e.g.) three sites. Should we apply for three Centres of Excellence or just one covering all nine units?

A.  It is a judgement call for you. If you apply for the the whole nine units to be regarded as one centre of excellence, then the assessor needs to visit all nine units and significant 'lack of excellence' at any one or two of them will jeopardize the application for the whole service. On the other hand, if you are successful, that is very impressive to anyone. If you opt to make three separate applications then you are incurring three inspection fees, but maximize the chances of at least one (and maybe all three) being successful. It's a judgement call.



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