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APT Accreditation

APT-Accreditation: the most relevant there is.

APT courses are written by APT, accredited by the professionals who attend them. The Association for Psychological Therapies offers probably the most meaningful accreditation available because of multiple elements which give it remarkable transparency and weight:

This all adds up to a system which has real meaning and weight. Click below to see more details of how the accreditation applies to the following subjects.

* Over 90% average ratings of the course’s (a) Presentation and (b) Relevance. Factor analysis reveals that these are the two most important factors to measure.

ACT  ❯

CBT  ❯

DBT  ❯

Compassion-Focused Therapy  ❯

Interpersonal Psychotherapy  ❯

Mindfulness  ❯

Motivational Interviewing  ❯

Positive Behavior Support  ❯

The RAID® Approach  ❯

The DICES® Risk Assessment and Management System  ❯

Solution-Focused Therapy  ❯

Trauma-Focused CBT  ❯

Other  ❯

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The APT Accreditation System  ❯

ACT Accreditation  ❯

CBT Accreditation  ❯

DBT Accreditation  ❯

CFT Accreditation  ❯

IPT Accreditation  ❯

Mindfulness Accreditation  ❯

Motivational Interviewing Accreditation  ❯

PBS Accreditation  ❯

DICES® Accreditation  ❯

RAID® Accreditation  ❯

Solution-Focused Therapy Accreditation  ❯

Trauma-Focused CBT Accreditation  ❯

Other Accreditation  ❯

Onsite Courses.

The majority of our mental health training courses are provided this way - we come to you and train a group of up to 15 people for an all-inclusive fee.

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Online Courses.

Obtain APT-quality input at a time that is convenient to you and minimizes the need for 'cover' normally associated with training.

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APT Accreditation 

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