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Providing Good Clinical Supervision course feedback

Providing Good Clinical Supervision, course reviews.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Providing Good Clinical Supervision course has received.

"A well structured, informative and interactive course which has left me feeling enthused and enpowered to renew my efforts with regard to clinical supervison."

Sara Clark ('Online Live' version)

"I have been really impressed with how the training was presented using Zoom, I think it has been very clever. The course was a well structured update and has definitely reinvigorated my desire to do more clinical supervision. Thank you."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Enjoyable, interesting and very overdue update on clinical supervision, managed well over Zoom."

Julie Matheson ('Online Live' version)

"A really informative and enjoyable course. Allowing me to update my knowledge and skills in undertaking clinical supervision."

Petreslin Cook ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent course - enjoyed the online elements and the flow of the slides and information ... Would recommend to other collegues."

Elizabeth Gordon ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent course, very helpful and I feel confident being able to provide supervision."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"The course was really interesting. I have gained skills and knowledge that I will be able to take away and put in to practice immediately. Martin was clearly very knowledgeable and able to answer questions and queries thoroughly."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent quality training. I would definitely attend another webinar with APT."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Fantastically well presented and highly informative."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Great course that will bring a new dynamic to our supervision."

Jessica Strutt ('Online Live' version)

"Excellent course with lots of great content. thank you."

Christopher Morgan ('Online Live' version)

"Another fantastic course by APT ... thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to have more."

Michelle Hill ('Online Live' version)

"An excellent, informative, engaging and inclusive course: well-presented and adapted to remote delivery format. Thank you very much - I feel more confident in the skills I already have as transferable to supervision and the application of new knowledge imparted to take forward. The structural guidelines are particularly helpful and reassuring in embarking on this area of work."

Course Delegate ('Online Live' version)

"Delivered extremely well. Provided all the information to allow me to tailor how I am going to deliver my clinical supervision in the most appropriate manner, comfortable to myself and the supervisees. Would recommend this course to everyone."

Ashley Case, Nurse

"Very good training. Would recommend this to others."

Course Delegate

"I found this training really inspirational and useful. It really made me reflect on my practice and work as a supervisor and as a supervisee. Lots of practical advice that I can use straightaway."

Nicky Coulbeck, Manager

"Straightforward yet made a profound difference (hopefully) to the organization."

Course Delegate

"A valuable training day for all managers. It has provided me with the tools to proceed with Clinical Supervision within my team."

Sarah Ludkin, Session Sister

"Have found the course excellent in reiterating the importance of good supervision and dangers of poor."

Course Delegate, Practice Development

"Really good day, inspiring to take this back to own unit and implement clinical supervision."

Louise Collingwood, Lead Nurse

"Found the course very pertinent to my job. Came away from it feeling empowered and positive."

Jean Daley, Session Sister

"I now feel motivated to have protected time for my supervision and give protected time to others."

Course Delegate (Sister)

"Excellent course, very well presented. Will definitely change how I do things in my workplace. Would definitely recommend this course."

Course Delegate

"The tutor was inspirational."

Course Delegate

"Another very valuable and excellently presented short course. This will improve working practice as well as my personal knowledge."

Gerwyn Michael, defense Specialist Advisor in Mental Health

"Fantastic course and learning experience. The tutor was fully receptive and supportive in her delivery. This course will shape my progress in future clinical supervision."

Chris Brown

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and I feel I have a much better understanding of clinical supervision. I am looking forward to putting into practice."

B Ashmeade, Session Nurse

"One of the best study days I have been on. Well presented with clearly defined statement of how the day would pan out that was adhered to in a timely manner incorporating all the necessary and planned factors."

Sarah Davis, Sister

"Really enjoyable and well-presented course and gained valued insight into supervision."

Vicki Sudall, SNOD

"Very useful training, relevant to my job role and very well delivered. It will definitely change my practice and the format of supervision within the organization."

Vicky Sail, Service Manager

"Well presented, informative course. Feel I have gained a valuable insight into clinical supervision and how it will benefit my practice."

Anne Berwitz, RN

"Excellent course. Relevant to my practice which I will be taking back to implement in the team. I felt it gave me the confidence and skills to start implementing."

C Berman, Team Manager

"Came away from this course learning so much more about clinical supervision and how one should conduct it, from the supervisor/supervise roles."

Helen Day, Nurse

"Course was very informative and inspiring. Tutor was fab. Can’t wait to implement."

Debra Giick, Session Sister

"Excellent, inspiring, well delivered by motivational tutor. Professional and very relevant on return to work environment."

Susan Lincoln, Session Sister

"Really enjoyable and informative day. Good interactive day. Good mix of group work and good presentations and facilitation by tutor."

Joanne Wilmott, Specialist Nurse, Organ Donation

"Great structure of the course and pace of information delivery. Relevant examples from life (clinical work). Great handouts to use in future. Absolutely amazing ability of the presenter to build rapport with group, get everyone engaged and extremely well developed skill of active listening. Massive thank you!"

Course delegate

"The delivery of the course was outstanding, as are the materials and I feel inspired to explore other courses that will enable me to develop my new role. Thank you so so much!"

Susie McAuley, Play Therapist

"A very informative and engaging 2-day training. The facilitator was very knowledgeable and delivered the training in a very interactive, dynamic way. The training fully met my training needs. Excellent resources. The role play and practical scenarios helped to embed the learning."

Orpha Edwards, Practice Development Lead

"This was a really useful training course related to my role as health visitor team leader. The tutor is very knowledgeable and made the sessions very interesting and interactive. The materials supplied were very useful and evidence based."

Muibi Taiwo, Health Visitor Team Leader

"I think the course is essential for all mental health related jobs, especially mine."

Course delegate

"I feel I can fully implement the role and with experience become a more effective supervisor. I will be recommending the course to others. Thank you."

Course delegate

"Good facilitator, made experiences relevant to the theory. Nice mix of exercises with theory. Learnt a lot and will use as both a supervisor and supervisee."

Course delegate

"Extremely useful course, giving explanations and tools and examples that I can use in professional practice with confidence. Very good tutor, thank you."

Maria Kerr, Nurse Practitioner

"Really enjoyed the day, thought it was useful to my everyday work and the facilitator was excellent."

Mary O’Grady, Registered Nurse

"Excellent, excellent day. I so enjoyed the anecdotes from the speaker and the group sharing. I have gained so much from this course. Thank you."

Ruth Bilbe, Senior Sister

"Excellent day. Really met all my requirements for understanding and meeting all my questions on how to start and maintain clinical supervision. Group participated well and was very well led by the excellent facilitator."

S Deere, Session Sister

"Really enjoyed all of the course and it has definitely given me motivation to initiate clinical supervision."

Claire Morris, Nurse Practitioner

"Excellent course. Presented well. Very knowledgeable and interesting facilitator. Group discussions and practice sessions very relevant and useful."

Sharon Jones, Senior Sister

"Really excellent day that has given me the tools and confidence to implement clinical supervision. Great to be able to share ideas with mixed group from other specialties. Excellent format, well planned."

Gail Mander, Hospital Development Nurse

"Very beneficial and thought provoking day."

Course delegate

"A very enjoyable and beneficial course. Well delivered by tutor, will help a lot in the workplace."

Sue Condie, Course delegate

"I enjoyed the course and I feel it is something that would benefit my work place and improve staff morale. I will feedback to my manager and try to get other members of my team to attend."

Laura Wright, TAS Nurse Practitioner

"Excellent course. Very enjoyable, relevant and have a greater understanding of clinical supervision. I feel it will improve my practice as a nurse and help in supporting my team."

Jackie Fury, Session Sister

"Excellent, excellent day. I so enjoyed the anecdotes from the speaker and the group sharing. I have gained so much from this course. Thank you."

Ruth Bilbe, Senior Sister

"Really excellent day that has given me the tools and confidence to implement clinical supervision."

Gail Mander, Hospital Development Nurse

"This has been an extremely helpful course – the workbook, structures and resources are very usable."

Lorna Slater, OT

"This is one of the most enjoyable and valuable courses I have been on in 26 years as an RGN."

Janette Cooper, defense Specialist Advisor

"Excellent course, well presented, good group discussion and exercises. I feel I have learned a great deal from the 2 days which I can take back to practice. I will recommend to my manager that all of our colleagues providing supervision should attend."

Heather Wally, Tissue Viability Manager, Clinical Supervision

"This course has been very useful for me. I no longer feel overwhelmed about starting supervision in my area."

Karon Poulston, Sister

"The course was very good and very well presented. It has definitely boosted my confidence to become a good supervisor ... I have learnt a lot from this course and would highly recommend to my colleagues."

Sofia Margaret (Pysiotherapist)

"Such a rewarding, informative and fun course. I’ve learnt so much over these past two days and I will go back to my place of work motivated. I hope to initiate the implementation of clinical supervision in my department."

Course Delegate (Nurse)

"A very valuable insight into the principles, practice and delivery of clinical supervision. An excellent guide and framework to successful implementation."

Course Delegate (Division Director)

"Excellent course, addressed all my questions and concerns about clinical supervision. I now feel I understand what I should expect from both the supervisor and supervisee perspectives. It has given me the confidence to take the knowledge I have gained and use it within my workplace/clinical supervision sessions in a more structured and formal manner."

Course Delegate (Practice Nurse)

"This has definitely been a very powerful and thought provoking session. It has been very rewarding and I feel I have learnt so much."

Nicola Bridges, Regional Nurse Advisor

"The course has been exceptional and an absolute pleasure. The tutor has been a delight, pitching the teaching perfectly at our group."

Maria Burgess, Nurse

"This course is excellent and will enable me to drive clinical supervision forward within the nursing field. I didn’t know much about it but again this course is motivational and the knowledge I’ve gained is invaluable."

Course Delegate (Ward Manager)

"Very pleasantly surprised by the amount I got out of the course. I can honestly say that the tutor’s approach and presentation was exceptional and I have been on many courses! As a result of attending I will be recommending clinical supervision in my team and across locality therapy to attend – which I had not expected."

Mel Britten, Therapy Team Leader

"Having come to the course with a lot of supervision practice/knowledge (ingrained within the therapy department), I was sceptical to attend. However the course has given me ample material and practice to raise my standards of supervision to ensure everybody (including myself) will/can get the most out of supervision."

Course Delegate (Therapy Team Leader)

"This course is excellent, the tutor made it very enjoyable and informative. It was a nursing/therapy split group which facilitated an excellent learning environment. In my opinion all Band 6+ should attend this course in order to improve staff care and quality which in turn helps with patient care and quality and staff retention."

Lee White, Ward Manager

"Excellent, thought provoking and will definitely change my working practice."

Anne Beaumont, Occupational Therapist

"Exceptionally presented in a clear, precise way. Personality of tutor was brilliant."

B Buckley, ENP

"Very well delivered and extremely useful. I will take this back to my clinical area of work."

Course Delegate

"Very useful information and exercises. Thoroughly enjoyed. Cannot think of any way to improve the course. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor."

Bryony Bugg, Military Staff Nurse

"Enjoyable, thought provoking course which has reignited my enthusiasm for clinical supervision and how it can help me and my colleagues improve and provide a better, more effective service to our patients. Thank you!"

Course Delegate (Nurse)

"The course was perfectly presented, well presented and most enjoyable. I now feel confident to move forward and set up a clinical supervision group. The best two day training course I have attended."

Delia Clarke, Nurse Practitioner

"Fantastic, well presented training offering clear and enjoyable training. I came into this training to learn more about supervision with a view to improving my clinical practice and supporting my team. I leave feeling confident and looking forward to utilising my new skills."

Matt Flynn, Senior Nurse

"I really enjoyed this training and can really see how it is going to support me to support my team. The tutor was excellent and the course was presented very well."

Carol McNeil, Operations Manager

"A very useful training course and have a lot to take back to our service. The tutor was very knowledgeable on the course content and was very helpful. I found the group work very useful and how this can work in the service I work in. I would recommend this to others."

Emma Coverdale, Team Leader

"Really useful course that will be enormously beneficial in day to day practice. Course was well run and kept me engaged over the two days. Lots of tools and information to use in the work place."

Karen Russell-Haines, Operations Manager

"I found the content interesting and highly relevant to our practice ... This course has empowered me within my role as a supervisor and I would recommend it to other Physiotherapists."

Alysia Gourlay, Physiotherapist

"An exceptionally well delivered course which was wonderfully facilitated by the tutor. Depth and breadth of information that I will be able to take forward and introduce within my own occupational environment. Thank you, a great and valuable course."

Andy Kiani, Community Mental Health Nurse

"An extremely valuable, worthwhile training course. It has been thought provoking and very beneficial for me to reflect on my current practice and how I can improve on my practice going forward. Thank you."

Pauline Connor, Cluster Manager

"This was an exceptionally good course which has opened my eyes and mind to how I can improve on the support I give to my supervisees."

Louise Paterson, CSM

"Excellent course. Wholly relevant to role. extremely engaging and pitched at the right level. Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to colleagues and other professionals in my field."

Mark Anthony

"The course was extremely beneficial and the tutor was a great lecturer who ensured everyone understood all areas before moving it on, keeping it interesting and relevant."

Katrina Cornwell, Staff Nurse

"Much better than other supervision training I've been on."

Valerie Stone, Volunteer Coordinator

"I feel of all the previous training I have done that this is far the best. I had no experience on supervision and feel that even though the course was only 2 days I would be competent on being a supervisor (with support). I felt all aspects of being a supervisor were covered and felt the trainer did an amazing role of presenting the training. Brilliant course, thank you."

Denise Downey, Care Coordinator

"Best training I have had in a very long time. Good tools to continue to not only use but make me reflect on my own practice."

Paula King, Snr Project Worker

"The discussions were facilitated superbly resulting in clarification and understanding. Overall an excellent course that has been beneficial and one that I will recommend to others."

Andrew Williams, Clinical Training

"I have long wished to receive this training. The course was well paced, excellently presented in a non-threatening arena. Content was excellent and would strongly recommend."

Alasdair Montgomery, Charge Nurse

"Excellent course, clinical supervision was completely new to me and now I have ideas on implementing it in the workplace in clinical practice as a supervisor and supervisee."

Frances Robertson, SCN

"Really informative course that was clear and precise. Will be able to deliver supervision with more confidence in a structured and focussed way. Would recommend training to all staff delivering any form of supervision."

Dawn Wright, Family Practitioner

"I found the course very interesting and this was due in the main to the enthusiasm and commitment to the subject matter of the tutor. This not only made the course interesting but also a very enjoyable experience. The skill and knowledge of the tutor translated the material in such a way as to make it pertinent and valuable to my practice. This will allow me to go forward from here to undertake clinical supervision with understanding and clarity. Thank you."

Chris Berry, Charge Nurse

"Really enjoyed this course. The best in many years. Presented very well and understood really well. Thank you."

Alistair Gardener, RNA

"I really enjoyed this course, some great discussions took place. It was well facilitated and the tutor allowed the discussions to flow where appropriate and stopped them when needed as well. I will be recommending this course to colleagues."

John Polding, Service Manager

"Feel course was brilliant. Lovely meeting fellow nurses in Addaction. Informative, interesting and stimulating. Material excellent. Will feel more confident delivering supervision in the future."

Anne Prince, Nurse

"The group interaction was really good, learnt a lot from all the others on the course. I think this course is necessary for both clinicians and managers so they also have a clear understanding of the need and processes involved for their qualified team members and how this element of supervision can be embedded into management supervision."

Course Delegate

"The course has been extremely beneficial and relevant to me. I have taken a lot of very useful information away with me that I am keen to implement into my workplace."

Sarah Forbes, Team Leader

"Very good course, enable me to understand how effective supervision can be."

Elizabeth Tomlinson, Nurse

"Excellent informative course with an excellent tutor. Very well planned and delivered."

Sharon Evans, Sister

"Excellent course, very informative and supportive to clinical supervisors. Provided relevant information on structuring sessions and the expectations required. Presentation was brilliant."

Jackie Curwen, Deputy Team Leader

"I really enjoyed the course, I found it informative and beneficial. I believe it has enhanced my knowledge greatly and around supervision and taught me a lot of what to expect. Catherine was great."

Lisa Slater, Deputy Team Leader

"The course has made me consider the way clinical supervision is delivered and received. I will definitely change my practice as a result of this course."

Anthony Boyle, Deputy Team Leader

"A well paced, interactive course. Offering lots of discussion and food for thought as well as tools that can immediately be implemented in my practice as supervisor. I would recommend to colleagues."

Gemma Trufit, Team Leader

"I enjoyed the course tremendously and learned a lot, not having experienced 'supervisions' before. I will certainly be incorporating it into working practice."

Mo Carmody, Head of Vision Services

"The course was very enjoyable. It is surprising how much you learn about something you thought you were doing well already! The tutor showed great enthusiasm and allowed us to have the same. Well recommended."

Vicky Page, Clinical Lead Nurse

"Just about everything has been of benefit to me as a supervisor (and supervisee). I would recommend this course unreservedly."

Terence Dudley, Nurse/Team Leader

"This course has fulfilled my expectations and requirements with wanting to know exactly what to do and how to do it. The format is clear and concise, discussion relevant and helpful and in particular it is always good to be taught by a working practitioner."

Sarah Bessey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Very stimulating and thought-provoking workshop. This reinvigorated my enthusiasm for both providing and receiving clinical supervision. I have learnt much to inform my practice, all of it for the better."

John Davies, Clinical Psychologist

"Excellent course with a good balance of information, discussion and opportunities and practice. I feel more secure in my understanding of clinical supervision and able to consider how to implement it in my centre both at individual and group level. Thank you very much."

Roz Lambert, Hub Manager

"Fantastic course and learnt a great deal. Superb delivery - thank you for a beneficial 2 days."

Heidi Kimber, CC Coordinator

"The course was invaluable in informing me of the legal requirements and consequences of being a supervisor. It was really useful in helping me to improve my own practice as a supervisor and what I want to improve within my own supervision."

Angela Treadgold, Senior Drug and Alcohol Practitioner

"I found the course very enlightening and extremely relevant to my current role. The content and exercises have provided me with practical strategies to implement when conducting clinical supervision."

Bev Jones, Substance Misuse Nurse

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have waited 8 long years for this training and it's been as helpful as I hoped."

Nicola Caster, Deputy Ward Manager

"I enjoyed the 2-day course immensely, it was presented by a skilled, confident professional … I will be providing feedback to my employer about the standard of the course and encouraging others to attend. Thank you."

Sarah Togher, Team Leader

"Absolutely brilliant training."

Tere'z Nagy, Senior Drug Worker

"Probably the best training I have experienced for a very long time. The tutor delivered it in a very enjoyable and informative style. This facilitated much discussion and interaction which enhanced the course. The material was very relevant and the hands on exercises were an excellent way of embedding the learning and promoting thought and reflection. The tutor's personal style was comfortable and relaxed yet challenging in the best manner. Thoroughly superb course."

Jim Fletcher, Senior Drug Worker

"I enjoyed this course immensely, it was extremely beneficial and the course tutor was excellent. I have absolutely no doubt that this course will be beneficial to both my personal and professional development. Thank you."

Andrea Lyons

"Excellent training. Interesting, thought-provoking and very valuable. It has really made me look at my style of supervision and this training will definitely improve my skills … Excellent, thank you."

Sinead Lynch, Senior Substance Misuse Practitioner

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the content was really informative and the tutor demonstrated a high level of skill and knowledge … I would certainly recommend this training."

Sally Brice. Team Leader

"I have found the content of the course extremely beneficial. The trainer has been excellent, with an engaging presentation style which has been refreshing … Bravo! An excellent training course."

Kathryn Bisby, Keyworker

"This two day course has been informative, fun and a great learning experience. I have learnt a lot about the subject and feel it will enable me to be a more productive supervisor and also be confident to express what I need as a supervisee."

Katey Bickerstaffe, Senior Substance Misuse Practitioner

"I will be able to implement the information into my supervision sessions immediately to ensure it is done tin the correct way. Very beneficial."

Soraya Smith, Families First Officer

"Challenged my pre-conceptions, changed my view and I benefited from the information provided. It's been a long time coming and I hope it stays."

Brian O' Byrne, Clinical Nurse Manager

"Has been an overwhelming experience attending this course. The practical sessions were absolutely rewarding. Thank you."

Shobha Rani, Clinical Placement Co-ordinator

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and I feel it will greatly improve my clinical supervision practice as both a supervisor and supervisee. Having not used any contracts in supervision I feel this is something I will use in future, to give my sessions a focus."

Mark Howard. Community Mental Health Nurse

"I enjoyed this instructive, helpful and well presented course. It was focused and covered all aspects of supervision. Used a range of presentation techniques and will enable me to be more effective as a supervisor. As usual we received a good manual to keep our learning fresh. I enjoyed working in a group and the course was the right length. Thank you."

Cindy Foley. Manager/Practitioner

"A well run course which consolidated previous learning and experience from my point of view as a supervisor and will hopefully enable me to practice more effectively. It also made me consider issues from the point of view to being a supervisee as well. Thank you."

Amanda Raffan. Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Well run course: acknowledged the fact that the people in the room were knowledgeable and experienced. Still managed to raise issues for debate. Good to highlight the legal perspectives."

Maggie Harrison. Inpatient Service Manager

"Course well presented and the group 'gelled well'. Important issues discussed."

Jane Parr. Specialist Substance Misuse Social Worker

"Informative and fun – stimulated my thinking about the way I provide (and receive) supervision – will certainly try out some new things."

Pete King. Ward Manager

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it had a good balance of slides and opportunities to practice … The tutor was extremely skilled at being able to balance the needs of the group and therefore was an excellent facilitator."

Tracey Shipman. Clinical Services Manager

"Very helpful and relevant to my work. Very informative and validating of what I already do. Good experiential learning and good mix of teaching methods."

Jacqui Mattar. Clinical Services Manager

"The course was really useful. It helped me to understand my role as supervisor better, also to be aware of good/bad practice. The legal/ethical information was very enlightening."

Stephanie Payne. CPN

"Inspired me to enter into more active clinical supervision – both as supervisee and supervisor. Thank you."

Vanessa Wragg. CPN

"Well presented course – very relevant and easily understood. Helpful in bringing together current knowledge and understanding from my own experience. Will be used to improve my own current practice in method and content. Many thanks."

J. Woodhead. Senior Mental Health Practitioner

"This is the third APT course I have attended … I have greatly enjoyed every aspect and welcome more such study. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise it was much appreciated."

Glenys Tombleson. Psychiatry

"I came on the course as a supervisee and found the course extremely enlightening. It me made appreciate the different approaches that can be taken in supervision and that each individual is very different. It also taught me to take a more active role in my supervision and let my supervisor know what I expect from supervision … I now feel inspired to make the most out of my time with my supervisor."

Melissa De Wolf. Assistant Clinical Psychologist

"Very interesting and well presented. I feel much more confident with the topic now and how to practice it. The course was not intimidating and was thoroughly enjoyed."

Karen Reed. Senior Staff Nurse

Providing Good Clinical Supervision

Providing Good Clinical Supervision.

A 2-day course.

The course that shows clinicians how to use pre-existing skills to provide effective clinical supervision.

Clinical supervision is a key concept that many people are unclear about. Unclear whether 'supervision' means that you should be ensuring that the supervisee is 'doing it right' or whether you should be providing a sounding board for the supervisee to develop their thinking, or what. This course clarifies it by showing clinicians how to use their existing skills to provide clear effective supervision that is appreciated by both the supervisee and the organization.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 96%

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