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APT Tutor Application Forms

Are you eligible to become an APT Licensed In-house Tutor?

✔  Are you a Senior Mental Health Professional (e.g. an experienced clinical psychologist or similar)?

✔  Do you have a good academic knowledge?

✔  Are you conscientious and reliable?

✔  Do you have a clear, expressive voice?

✔  Do you tend to take a positive and constructive view of people and things?

✔  Do you want to run courses within your own organization?

✔  Do you have a aptitude for presenting information?

✔  Is your organization able to fund the training you want to deliver? (There is no charge for you to apply for and become a tutor if you are eligible.)

If the answer is 'Yes' to all of the above questions then you are eligible to apply to become an APT Licensed In-house Tutor.  

View application form

The tutor application process.

4 simple steps:

1. Check your eligibility, via the content on this page.

2. Apply by submitting your abbreviated c.v.

3. If your brief c.v. is suitable, we will ask you to submit the names of two referees.

4. If your references are suitable, you sit a short online module (free of charge) all about how to present APT courses and the standards required and, when you pass the exam at the end of the module, you become accredited.

You can then run suitable APT courses in your organization at half the price they would be otherwise (50% of the 'Online Live and Exclusive' fee, regardless of whether the course is held face-to-face or online), yet still with the same workbooks, APT-accreditation etc for delegates on the courses.