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APT Online Course Reviews

Online Course Reviews.

Here is just some of the great feedback APT online courses have received.

"I appreciated the gentleman and the voice who narrated it. The examples and stories were excellent. The layout was great too." 

"Excellent course that has given me a fuller understanding of how to use DBT and the different methods used when working with a client. The course is packed with good guidance and has some useful resorces."

"Incredibly insightful, delightfully delivered and prompting some very interesting ideas of how to apply the techniques and knowledge learned into practice. Very happy to have completed this course and sad to see the end of it. It has absolutely inspired me to continue my studies into CBT further. Big thanks to the course instructor!"

"I loved doing this online course. I learnt so much that I can put into practice with my clients, and I will be enrolling on the next level."

"The structure of the course was well done. It built a good foundation before moving onto the critical components and their application. I liked the variety in reading the information, the narrative, and the video segments of therapist with a patient…… So glad I was able to find this type of training online. Thank you for putting this together."

"This was a wonderful online course."

"I found the content very interesting and would be encouraged to progress further with other courses in this area. In terms of access and delivery, the course was very synchronized with visuals and audio with video links and resources easily accessed."

"It's difficult to get engaged with a lot of online courses but this one was very good."

"I thought the length of each module, the tone in which it is presented and the videos very informative and engaging. I have been so empowered through doing this course that I am actually on track with how I engage with people in my role and also learnt some new skills. I have sent the link to this course to several people as I honestly think it is one of the best learning experiences I have had - very motivating. Thank you."

"The course was fantastic."

"A great course with fantastic information that I am looking forward to using."

"The course was informative and to the point. Presented by a practitioner who spoke from experience made the subject matter more credible and easier to follow. As I am working FT in the mental health field I could not find a program that suited my time constraints and in particular the content I was looking for. APT fitted in so well. Thank you."

"The course exceeded my expectations. I found the information and knowledge delivered to be of a very high quality. It was easy to follow and allowed the person to advance at their own pace."

"Great; well put-together course, pleasant and calming narration. After struggling with workbooks and textbooks and vague instructor explanations I FINALLY feel like I have a foothold in the building blocks of CBT, the conceptualisations, the assessments, the techniques, and the evidence-based evaluations….. Again, great course and thanks very much for making this accessible and clear to me for the first time in a way that I will integrate in to my ongoing practice."

"I really enjoyed the course and listening to the care and empathy expressed by the ""voice"" and the tone and modulation of the delivery - it felt like basking in warm sunshine ... on a sultry day ... evoking safety and trust."

"The course was interesting and thought provoking not only for how it might be used with clients but also for use in the trainee's own life. It was clear and well-structured, with each slide clearly explained and each module well summarized."

Online Courses

Online Anytime Courses.

Many people love the APT’s Online Anytime Courses because they can take the course at their own pace and they have good audio narration and expansion. Such high quality Online Anytime Courses represent excellent cost-effectiveness, and they are available for our six most popular courses. They have full APT registration, accreditation and certification, as well as access to post course resources. No workbooks but access to the course for a full year. Our Online Courses are very engaging, and managers enjoy a ‘completion guarantee’ (you only pay for completed courses).

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Live Webinars

Online Live Courses

Receiving a rapturous reception right now, Online Live Courses from the APT are pleasingly interactive, and slightly shorter and cheaper than the live face-to-face courses. The APT’s Online Live Courses are available for nearly all our courses, and have full APT registration, accreditation and certification, as well as access to post course resources and the downloadable workbook. Our Online Live Courses are very engaging, and managers ordering quantities have a ‘completion guarantee’ (you only pay for completed courses).

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