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Adolescents in Crisis course feedback

The Assessment and Risk Assessment of Children and Adolescents in Crisis™ course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Assessment and Risk Assessment of Children and Adolescents in Crisis™ course has received.

"Amazing course, amazing trainer. Would recommend it. I learnt a lot of things I will implement in my practice."

Matthew Nyarambi, Drug and Alcohol Worker

"Excellent training, delivered in a flexible way to allow questions and discussion. Content was relevant to my role and will enhance my future practice. Skills were developed and fixed through exercises and we felt they were useful."

Mary Morton, Spec. Nurse, Looked After Children

"Excellent course, really enjoyed and learnt lots. Very knowledgeable teacher."

Course Delegate (Specialist Practitioner, CAMHS)

"A very interesting topic taught by a very knowledgeable and engaging facilitator whom I cannot praise enough. Fantastic."

Philip Darnbrough, Specialist Practitioner - CAMHS

"Very relevant and informative training. I have developed a range of new knowledge and understanding of this course and have very useful tools I am able to take away with me and put into practice. The tutor was great, explaining things thoroughly and at the same time making everyone feel relaxed in using their own learning method. Thank you, would highly recommend this training to all colleagues working with children and adolescents."

Hayley Collard, Support Worker

"I particularly liked the handouts. The booklet of slides with room for notes is well presented and something that can be kept neatly for future reference."

Emma Staggs, Primary Mental Health

"Really enjoyed the course. Feel that there have been lots of tools I can use from the course to add to my own working practice."

Jessica Longman, Support Worker

"The tutor was excellent and fostered a really good group atmosphere. Good course materials that can be taken back to office and used with colleagues. Good balance of presentation and group exercises."

Matthew Sheeham, Forensic Psychologist in training

"Very good presentation with very knowledgeable tutor providing good, relatable anecdotal scenarios. Being able to answer all questions. Very encouraging atmosphere making for a very enjoyable course."

Amy Prosser, CITT Practitioner

"One of the best courses I’ve been on. I have gained valuable knowledge and useful tools. I will use these tools in the job I do."

Kim Lloyd, Support Worker - CAMHS

"Excellent course and well presented by the tutor. The tutor made the whole three days very enjoyable and informative at the same time. It is a shame the course has come to an end. All learnt from the past three days is so relevant to my day to day working relations with adolescents."

Course Delegate (Mental Health Practitioner)

"This course has provided me with lots of useful skills and materials that will allow me to make a real different to our patients. It has aided me in my mission to change lives (hopefully for the better)."

Stephen Reis, CAMHS Support Worker

"Materials were useful and relevant. I feel as though I will be able to use the tools I have learned about. It has taken the fear out of assessing risk. The time flew! Really well presented."

Course Delegate

"The course content was thought provoking, it encouraged me to reflect upon my practice particularly how I plan and structure individual work. I found the information regarding assessing suicide risk particularly interesting and useful as I'd had little experience of this before."

Course delegate

"Absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend the content and course presenter to my colleagues."

Tom Sweeney, RMN

"Very good course ... It should be mandatory for clinicians working with minors!"

Giovanni Borghini, Consultant Psychiatrist

"Brilliant course, would recommend to all mental health professionals. Learnt new skills that I would be employing in my everyday practice."

Sally Chiguvare, SMHP

"The course was well delivered and I feel I learnt a lot from it. It has given me a lot of information that I can use not only in assessing adolescents but also assessing adults. I like very much the tools provided and will use it in my assessments."

Babita Khunkhun, Senior MHP

"Productive and protective. This training is very interesting and new to me which I really enjoyed. It supports my career and makes me more confident. Thank you."

Tomy Thomas, Senior MHP / Social Worker

"Enjoyable, educational 2 days. Lots of information given in an interactive style. Well presented, thank you!"

Susan Spellar, CPN

"Very informative and well presented. Enjoyed the group work and quizzes!"

Iva Stoyanova, Senior MHP

"Definitely enjoyed and gained a lot in relation to my job practice."

Saud Khan, Mental Health Practitioner

"Very much enjoyed the two days. Presentation was clear and interesting. I felt the information validated my knowledge and has stimulated my interest in this area. Well done and thank you."

Joanne Hanson, Senior MHP

"I feel that this study is very helpful and it will help me carry out comprehensive assessment for adolescents in crisis."

Ray Ramdanee, Senior MHP

"A very good course that covered all the areas. Empowers practitioners with very relevant assessment skills. The course needs to be rolled out to other professionals. Thank you."

Ken Hikwa, Interim Hub Manager

"What a fantastic course – I wish all the clinicians in the Trust would have this opportunity. The knowledge and skills learnt are not only applicable to adolescents but in all other clinical settings. Well presented and delivered. Excellent teaching techniques by Dr William Davies. Thank you."

Rajay Herkanaidu, Clinical Manager

"Thought provoking and made me examine my practice and reflect on my interviewing skills. Gained some useful new angles on questions."

Liz Clifford, Consultant

"One of the best courses I have attended. Very relevant, enjoyable and will improve my practice."

Andrew Oxley, Senior MHP

Assessing Adolescents in Crisis

The Assessment and Risk Assessment of Children and Adolescents in Crisis.™

A 3-day course. (2-day version also available.)

Using existing clinical skills and Davies's structured interview.

Assessing adolescents and children in crisis settings often causes professionals a lot of concern. They wonder whether they have the necessary skills, they are concerned about the potential volatility of the situation, they are unfamiliar with having another adult (the parenter) present and concerned, they are not sure about consent and confidentiality issues, and they are not completely sure what their role is: assessment, risk-assessment, management, or what?

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last three runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live*

Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 98%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last four runnings of the course in this format.