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Early Intervention course feedback

Working with Psychosis (Module 3): Early Intervention, course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the Early Intervention course has received.

"Very much enjoyed the training. All of the material and information is interesting and relevant to my role. Useful information and handouts that I can use in my day to day practice. Numerous theories and models that I can hopefully retain and assist me to put theory into practice. Keith's teaching style is conducive for my learning, especially the regular recapping on previous learning :-) "

Carolyn Cieslewicz, Social Worker

"Excellent course. Very relevant to current practice. Highlights the importance of interventions early to promote global recovery outcomes for people with psychosis."

Paula Maguire, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Excellent programme. Content was: 1) very relevant, 2) mixture of new and not so new information, and 3) evidence-based. Delivery excellent - engaging and enjoyable. Course material was beneficial to refer back to in future practice accompanied by useful tools."

Eoin Ward, CPN

"Perhaps the best course I have attended. Excellent materials and resources delivered in a style that made learning enjoyable and rewarding."

Darren Cameron, CPN

"Loved the course, tutors were great: knowledgeable, realistic, supportive, listened and encouraged. I feel really motivated to try and make a change within my team about how we can deliver an early intervention service."

Donna-Ann Galligan, CPN

"This was an absolutely fantastic course, I was fully engaged throughout. It was tempered at the perfect level, developing existing knowledge and providing a real insight into what we could and should be doing for the clientele that fit into this category."

Leanne Algeo, Occupational Therapist

"Very informative training, to hold interest for three days (including a Friday afternoon) is impressive! ... It would undoubtedly be beneficial for all Mental Health Nurses to have this training."

Amy Durrant, Mental Health Nurse

"The course was well presented and the tutor obviously knowledgeable with evidence and practice-based examples to back up the information. It made me re-examine my current practice and gave me the incentive to improve and update my work with clients. The tutor was engaging and interesting and the 3 days were enjoyable."

Helen Langford, CPN

"The course was uplifting and very much reminded me of why I became a mental health nurse."

Claire Carpenter, Deputy Nurse Manager

"Extremely interesting and informative. Will make me, as a mental health professional, challenge some of the very outdated approaches of treatment of Psychosis. Excellent examples from course tutor which made it more interesting. Best course I have attended to date. Well worth all mental health professionals doing."

Kim Tallett, Lead Nurse

"Absolutely fantastic - information was interesting and relevant and the material was very well delivered. Would recommend to anyone with an interest (and even those who don't have one in the hope they'd change their minds!)"

Ben Williams, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Found the 2-day course very beneficial and relevant to my work setting. Found that the content was presented in a way that it was easy to understand and it has given me more skills and knowledge around working with young people in the early stages of Psychosis. Overall, I would recommend this course."

Kelly Mahony, Staff Nurse

"Very informative, educational and practical. Helpful to have an 'on the ground' practitioner facilitating these courses as it makes them a lot more practical."

Noreen Horan, Snr Clinical Psychologist

"I found this course very beneficial and relevant to my work. It educated me to a new approach and I feel I will use many of the interventions talked about."

Helen Browne, RPN

"Both days were very informative and presented in a relaxed manner that was clear and easy to follow. I feel this two day training has changed my view on how to treat a young person presenting with signs of symptoms of early prodromal stage. Both days went very quickly and I feel I will use skills learned in my day to day work."

Aisling Lennon, Staff Nurse

"I found the course very beneficial for my clinical practice. I found the group exercises useful to talk about experiences and practical work. Overall, valued learning gained!"

Margaret Bourke, Mental Health Nurse

"Very well presented. Course was relevant to my area of work and I feel today that I am walking away with a good knowledge and skills to identify early psychosis and I will be able to adapt prevention and educate my colleagues."

Rachel Lynch

"Excellent course very well presented. Tutor really supplemented the workbook material with experience, examples and discussion. Very interesting, engaging and thought provoking."

Oonagh Sheridan, Social Worker

"A very well presented course, educational and informative."

Kay O'Sullivan, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Very well delivered and the use of real clinical examples heightened the learning experience overall. Felt like I'm coming away from the two days training with a clear sense of what changes and improvements I can make to my clinical practice to make it more effective in terms of detection and intervention with psychosis. Ps. Also very well organized and reasonably priced! Thanks to all involved."

Emer Murphy, CNS

"Once more, an excellent course, delivered to a very high standard. The tutor's relevant clinical experience shone through and was blazing sunshine."

Course delegate

"Absolutely excellent ... Highly knowledgeable, skilled and outstanding presenter with an exceptional ability to engage the group and sustain interest and attention."

Gillian Hazlerigg, Clinical Psychologist

"By far the best training course I have attended over my 27 years."

Janette Johnson, Nurse Team Leader

"I have heard so much about APT courses but have never had the privilege of attending one until now. I have to say that in 18 years working in mental health I have attended many courses but these past 3 days have surpassed all of them. The information and manner in which it was presented was excellent. My advice to anyone who has not been on an APT course is 'get yourself on one.' If you had only one course to do in the remainder of your career do this one. Thanks."

Tommy McLeod, OT and CB Therapist

"Another excellent course delivered to the highest standard."

Brian Keil, Clinical Area Manager

"It was very informative and educational … Would definitely recommend it to people who work in Early Intervention."

Cecilia Lungu, Social Worker

"Interactive, well presented and included a vast amount of theoretical based practical examples. Very useful and relevant content which I fully intend to relate to my own working environment. I would highly recommend this excellent course to any health professional."

Avril Robertson, Staff Nurse

"Expertly presented … the warmth and humanity demonstrated by the course tutor towards his clients was very inspirational."

Alistair Brown, Staff Nurse

"I enjoyed the course immensely. I found it very informative and useful to apply in my future practice … I will highly recommend this course to my colleagues"

Will Cassidy, Staff Nurse

"It is good to reiterate and motivate staff of the importance of how their own motivation and helpfulness can actually make all the difference. The course has re-energized and invigorated me."

Mary Sutherland, Course Delegate

"The tutor was one of the best I have had the pleasure of listening to."

Course Delegate

"Very interesting 3 days – course delivered by a true expert and professional."

Sarah-Jane Findlay. Staff Nurse

"I very much enjoyed the professional style of the tutor. He presented a wealth of information in an engaging manner. The research based evidence from around the world was interesting and stimulated discussion as did the quiz format used."

Sheila MacLeod. Senior Staff Nurse

"Fantastic three days, well chosen content and well presented material. I enjoyed the different ways of working and different modes of presentation and the way interest and energy levels roles over the three days. Very relevant and useful for me and an extremely enjoyable experience."

Maxine Sacks. Clinical Psychologist

"I thoroughly enjoyed this relevant and well presented course. I got a lot from the use of lectures, discussions and role-plays and I am continuing to think about how this experience will positively influence my practice. I feel confident that the course will benefit many clients wellbeing. The course achieved all my expectations and more. Keep going!"

Amanda Connell. Staff Nurse

"As usual a superior APT course. Really enjoyed the humor of the tutor combined with his obvious clinical skills and practicality. I have actually stopped applying for any non APT courses as they far exceed the content and presentation of any other NHS course I have been on in my 20+ years experience of psychiatry. Many thanks."

Tony White. GP Liaison CPN

"Course gave good insight into attitude and philosophy into Early Intervention work. Provided some useful skills which can be translated into everyday practice. Excellent."

Michael Cummines. Criminal Justice Liaison

"Excellent APT course as usual. Very competent presenter. Enjoyed it all. Very helpful and relevant, useful extras re references to research materials and protocols. Thank you."

Cindy Foley. Team Leader

"Excellent, material needed in my place of work. Excellent presenter.

Jacqueline Oliver Hamilton. CMHN

"I found the course informative and empowering. There were lots of 'hints and tips' in practical terms and I've enjoyed thinking about the service as a whole."

Orii McDermott. Therapist

"I found the course informative and empowering. There were lots of 'hints and tips' in practical terms and I've enjoyed thinking about the service as a whole."

Orii McDermott. Therapist

"I found the material from this course easy to understand, very interesting and presented in a clear and entertaining manner. I feel I have learnt a great deal of useful tips and strategies for better understanding and engaging with service users."

Laura Lewis. Child Worker

"I have really felt that this course was facilitated well by the facilitator. I felt it was useful to recap over important information on Early Intervention and how to implement this learnt information into my area of work."

Janine Davies. Registered Nurse

"The course in itself was very interactive useful and the presenter was very articulate and informative."

Ranjini Rao. Senior House Officer

"The structure was very good as it helped consolidate what we learned i.e. quizzes and role play. Good balance of slide information and discussion … Really enjoyed it, didn't notice the day go by."

Sean Nugent. Occupational Therapist

"Good presentations illustrated with relevant examples from clinical practice. Presenter had excellent grasp of research."

Gary Tebble. Assistant Psychologist

"Clear and concise. Good practical tips."

A Sams. CPN

"Learnt a great deal and tutor was a very enthusiastic psychologist with wide knowledge of early intervention. Excellent at providing research to our practice."

Julie Ho. Graduate Mental Health Worker

"Very interesting course – I have gained a lot of knowledge that will assist me with my job."

Zita Currie. Training Consultant

"Very useful information – enjoyable and appropriate … I will be sharing this experience with my other team members in order to benefit our patients."

Gwen Smith. Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Encouraged people to think outside of the 'norm' and that this was OK to do. Updated and reinforced knowledge but also provided new knowledge. Good informative approach."

Amy Goodson. CMHN

"Very enjoyable, informative and educative. Has energized me to try and be more effective in my practice again! Given me hope. Thank you."

Kate Hardy. Nurse

"Excellent – lots of information given. I have a more confident approach to this area now … The trainer was excellent, his approach, friendliness and knowledge was wonderful. An excellent 3 days."

Alison Madeley. Substance Misuse Worker

"It was educational, extremely informative over and above psychosis."

Michelle Gough. Mental Health Practitioner

"Excellent course, excellent tutor. Clear and easy to understand excellent material, I feel I have developed great knowledge and skills. Will definitely apply for other modules."

L A Price - Deputy senior nurse

Early Intervention

Working with Psychosis (Module 3): Early Intervention.

A 3-day course.

This course aims to acquaint you with the concepts and skills of early intervention strategies, to enable you to review and develop your early intervention skills and services if they already exist and to motivate you to develop them if they don't. It covers early intervention both in the sense of 'intervening around the first episode of psychosis' and in the sense of 'spotting impending relapse and endeavouring to prevent it'.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 95%

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