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CBT course feedback

CBT Essentials, course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the CBT Essentials course has received.

"Good course. Brilliant tutor. Great use of examples that applied to the huge variety of speciality areas in the room. Lovely venue. Great to have a manual to take away. I have been left feeling inspired and look forward to putting it into practice."

Amy Bull, Weight Management Dietitian (APT Open Course)

"Fantastic three days, extremely informative, relevant and enjoyable. The skills will be easily transferred into my current practice and will benefit the families on my caseload. Excellent delivery and teaching style."

Laura Tucker, Health Visitor

"Absolute perfection – 1) Well presented, 2) Fun, 3) Informative, 4) Work related."

Family Support

"A well-presented course with great content. Totally appropriate to working with my client base. Great tutor with loads of really useful examples from the real world … Best training I have attended since starting with Aberdeenshire Council (10 years!)."

Liz Rushmer, Key Worker

"The course has been an eye opener to me as far as CBT is concerned and it has endless benefits to clients that we work with."

Ephraim Katsamba, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"This was one of the best courses I have attended."

Debbie Barnfather, Social Worker

"Fantastic course and delivery. Presenter demonstrated a vast array of experience and used practice examples to help apply theory to practice. Thoroughly enjoyed the full three days – thank you."

Adele Smith, Specialist Practitioner

"An excellent 3-day course demonstrating quality material and quality facilitation."

Tony Lingiah

"One of the best courses, both content and education-wise, I have been on in a long time – I aim to tell my team about it. Highly, highly recommend."

Julie Thomson, YST Social Worker

"This is an excellent course and I would highly recommend it. The tutor was brilliant and presented the information in such a way that I feel confident to use the techniques in my practice, unlike other courses on CBT I have attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days."

Jane Fox, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"No criticisms, this was an excellent course delivered in a very clear and concise way. Clear structure of how to apply CBT and its elements. Course made relevant to the age group we work with. Overall really enjoyed the course and would recommend it!"

Course Delegate (Clinical Nurse Specialist)

"Excellent course, very relevant to my job. I have identified many things within CBT which will positively impact on my clinical practice. Very well presented throughout. A very pleasurable and beneficial course."

Peter Phillips, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Wonderful course plus one of the best tutors I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Very interesting and helpful and so well presented."

Jill McGhee, Memory Clinic Nurse

"Very enjoyable and interesting. Would highly recommend colleagues completing the same. Wish I’d done it years ago!!!"

K Dewar, Care CAMHS Practitioner

"Before the course, I didn’t know if I needed to come along as I’ve been using CBT approach for some time but I’ve really learnt so much. Thank you."

Katerina Nolan, Specialist Therapist

"Best training I have been on for some time. Very informative and extremely well delivered."

Emma Cogdon, Youth Offending Case Worker

"Very interesting and informative – an excellent introduction to CBT techniques which will influence my future practice. Lots of skills which are transferable/adaptable to a variety of situations/service user groups."

Chris Holmes, Employability Officer

"The course was very enjoyable and stimulating. There was ample time for skill practice and discussion which was very useful. The quality of the presentation and handouts was very good. It was particularly useful to have forms to take away and use in my practice."

Catherine Lander, Educational Psychologist

"Fantastic, most informative, enjoyable course I have ever attended. Have learnt so much I can take back to practice. Amazing tutor!"

Lisa Ashdown, School Nurse

"This was a full and rewarding day. So often courses do not live up to their hype and my expectations but this one did! Thank you."

Course Delegate

"I felt this course/training has been the only one ever in which I have felt depressed for having ended. Not only was the content of the course useful and informative but the delivery was excellent, especially when related to recall life scenarios. I will be recommending this course to all of the health care professionals I meet."

Renoop Purewal, Staff Nurse

"A truly excellent course. Very informative, engaging and completely relevant to my work."

Clare Watson, Assistant Psychologist

"I have been taking courses for over a decade and this course was the most helpful course to inform my work in the future. Additionally the facilitator was extremely professional, encouraging, interactive and very knowledgeable. Thank you."

Kyle Day, Primary Mental Health Therapist

"Great course, felt I have learnt so much and looking forward to making use of my new CBT skills in sessions."

Course Delegate

"A well presented training course that has allowed me to understand the key principles of CBT and also how it can benefit my practice and the recovery of those I care for."

Ian John Chesterson, Staff Nurse

"The course was fantastic, the best one I have attended since working for the company."

Course Delegate

"I really enjoyed this course and feel like I have benefitted from this enormously. The learning I have gained will definitely enhance my professional practice and has already aided my personal development."

Melodie Watters, Group Facilitator

"Amazing course, very informative and useful to role. Tutor was adaptable to learning styles, was very approachable and used good examples to illustrate. Would like more sessions, really enjoyable."

Narelle Hill, Recovery Navigator

"One of the best courses I've attended (by far). Well planned, good delivery and a good range of activities to suit all learning styles. Clear that the tutor knew her stuff! And very enthusiastic and encouraging. (It's always nice to have handouts and slides, that a) are very well presented, and b) grammatically and spelling-y correct!) I've really enjoyed the course and have felt stretched by it and inspired."

Louise Smith, Occupational Therapist

"I thought this was an absolutely fantastic, relevant, highly inspiring course. The tutor presented in such an accessible way. I now have increased confidence about taking these skills forward and look forward to using them with my clients. It could not have been a better course and I love that I can keep and use the workbook. Thank you very much."

Stephanie Meleck, Assistant Psychologist

"Thank you for delivering a really thorough introduction to CBT. I have appreciated your expertise, knowledge and humor. It is also lovely to be able to take a file away with all the hand outs to re-refer to. I have really enjoyed this learning experience and look forward to implementing CBT in the work I do along with using some of the techniques in my own life. Thank you."

Jenny Flynn, Family Support Practitioner

"This has been an incredibly valuable course - I have no previous formal training in CBT and look forward to taking what I have learnt back to my everyday practice."

Gavin Barrett, Mental Health Practitioner

"Really enjoyed the course, I have gained a lot from this - will recommend that the rest of the staff team attend."

Team Manager

"The best training organized by our organization I have attended so far."

Pawel Skraba, Acting Team Manager

"A very informative and enjoyable course. A wealth of practical information including how to access further relevant info. Very good tutor, highly knowledgeable, patient and credible."

Stephanie O'Brien, Operational Manager

"I have very much enjoyed the course. It has refreshed and replenished my approach to therapeutic intervention. I have gained greater skills in applying structures within therapeutic intervention with clients. As the Director of the service I feel the activity and training has been a very positive experience for the team."

Liz Gillespie, Director of Service

"The course is very useful for me in my work and the tutor is very generous and gave us a lot of information. We need more courses like this."

Haitham Issa Attamari, Social Worker

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it has given me a better understanding of CBT and how I can implement this within my work setting."

Lisa Stocks, Open Access Worker

"Excellent, a thoroughly enjoyable and relevant course. Well presented. No criticisms."

Richard Roylance, Alcohol Practitioner

"When I first started the course I had only heard of CBT and knew it was used by qualified therapists so initially I felt lacking in confidence ... As time went on, and definitely due to the tutor I became more comfortable and more confident. I felt it was relevant to my workplace and that I could put what time I had with patients to better use."

Stephanie Trewick, Registered Mental Health Nurse

"Really enjoyed the course, easily the best I've done in a long time. Directed at a level that met my needs and has given me a taste for future career progression."

James Carroll, Mental Health Practitioner

"I really enjoyed the course and feel I have a much better understanding of CBT and how to implement it into my practice ... would highly recommend this course 10/10."

Zoe Danbury, Community Mental Health OT Lead

"I have enjoyed the course immensely. It was my first introduction to CBT and all aspects of the course I found relevant to my setting."

Course Delegate

"I thoroughly enjoyed the CBT training. Not only will it be beneficial in my work but my personal life. What was amazing was the connection between my thoughts and behaviour. It made me self reflect and challenged my thinking styles - wow. Fantastic tutor, she really brought CBT to life."

Michelle Moore, Nurse

"Cannot be faulted in any area at all. Served as a great advert for CBT and APT. Well motivated and looking forward to seeing results in action."

Tom Aitken, Children and Family Social Work

"One of the most interesting courses I have attended. Will certainly consider further CBT courses. Thank you."

Sheelagh Tough, Family Support Worker

"The presenter was great, very motivated and knowledgeable, but also obviously enjoys their work which made the course infinitely more exciting and interesting. I have certainly gained immensely from this course and would recommend it to my colleagues."

Mellisha Padayatchi, Consultant Psychiatrist

"I have been on a CBT course before but this has been the best learning experience."

Kristina McLeod, CPN

"One of the best courses I have attended in a long time. All I need now is practice. Many thanks."

Beccy Flower, Education Support Officer

"Very relevant to my job role. Will definitely improve my practice and hopefully gain better outcomes for my clients and more job satisfaction for myself."

Clair Evans, Substance Misuse Practitioner

"An outstanding course - one of the best I've been on."

Jane Hauton, Teacher (Behavior Support)

"An informative and stimulating course, expertly facilitated by the tutor. The key themes and core skills of CBT were clearly and cogently explained and the skills practice sessions fully brought out the insights and therapeutic force within CBT. The tutor was expert and approachable throughout - she helped to bring this subject to life, showing it's relevant to my work practice and giving me the confidence to adapt CBT techniques to my work with clients. An excellent course delivered with expertise."

Tim Burns, Senior Mental Health Recovery Worker

"Greatly enjoyed the 3-day programme. Excellent structure providing informative overview of CBT and its application. Very well presented, course materials very good. Pace, clarity all spot on. Definitely keen to pursue further formal training through APT in relation to CBT."

Jamie Willox, Social Worker

"Thank you very much for a thoroughly good course from start to finish. Very well presented."

Lucy Wills, Assistant Psychologist

"My expectation of the course has been surpassed. The whole course start to finish was paced perfectly. I felt comfortable, relaxed and learned so much. I look forward to the next step in becoming CBT qualified. The tutor was fantastic – thank you so much."

Course Delegate

"This has been a most valuable course. It has given me a much wider understanding of CBT both in the specifics and also in the wider context of psychological intervention. I feel I have gained confidence in aspects of my current practice as well as a range of options to include in future work with children."

Elizabeth Bryson, Educational Psychologist

"I feel that I could apply many of the techniques and interventions in my counseling work with individual clients … al in all I found I a thoroughly enjoyable, engaging and stimulating experience – I would recommend the course to colleagues."

Course Delegate

"The course was brilliantly delivered throughout and the trainer was excellent. Content and practical activities were very relevant and applicable to practice, ensuring that you leave the course with something to take to practice. The most useful and motivational training I have attended through our organization."

Kara Austin, Staff Nurse

"I feel like I have got so much out of this three day course. There was a good balance between taught input and activities. The activities provided an excellent platform to integrate and synthesize knowledge, practice new skills and develop our own interactional/therapeutic skills in a safe learning space. I would absolutely recommend this course to other trainees and EPS as I feel that my own practice will benefit as a result."

Heather Ball, Trainee Educational Psychologist

"Fantastic course presenter and fantastic course content … I will be looking to do more APT courses in the future! Great handout, forever known as 'the CBT bible'. Thank you."

Claire Rogers, Assistant Psychologist

"Really brilliant structure of course. The trainer very skillfully was able to answer any questions and successfully role-play to demonstrate key CBT components. Also skillfully adapted CBT components, to other areas of working."

Michelle Stott, Assistant Educational Psychologist

"I have found this course to be informative, useful and most of all interesting. I will most certainly be able to use these strategies in my tool box."

Karen Monteith, Family Centre Worker

"An amazing course, full of very interesting information much of which was very new to me and brought to reality with lots of examples and practice. Thank you very much for such a valuable experience."

Jacqui Morris, Physiotherapist

"Absolutely awesome. Really enjoyable and very informative."

Ben Hardiment, CMHN

"I have attended many courses over many varied career paths and must say this was the best presented course I have ever attended. Found the tutor to be excellent along with the content of the course."

Bernadette Ware, Nursing Assistant

"I don't ever remember enjoying training as much as this. The information was clear and well presented. I have learnt a lot of information and hope that I can use these skills confidently in my future, at home and in my work life."

Jean Dickerson, Mental Health Officer

"I am sure this is going to improve my clinical practice significantly."

Barbara Stead, Deputy Head of Therapies/Extended Scope Practitioner

"The best presented course I have ever been on, very enjoyable and engaging. Once again brilliant."

Adam Abyan, Support Worker

"One of the most informative and enjoyable courses I have ever attended."

Nicola Canale, Educational Psychologist

"This is the best course by far throughout my career."

Lotifa Miah, Teacher

"Excellent course. Best I've attended in a long time!! And I've been on a few. Really opened some new doors for me and new ways of tackling the big issues. "Another arrow in the quiver", thanks to APT and thanks to the tutor."

Scott Jeremy, Learning Support Unit Coordinator

"Brilliant! Thoroughly beneficial. I initially attended the course to refresh my skills but I have to say that I ended up learning so many new things! Will certainly promote this to colleagues. Excellently organized and a very competent trainer."

Colin Solaiman, CPN

"A really excellent course, thanks. Really packed full of useful and practical information, with a good balance theoretical and practical sessions. The best course I have been on in ages."

Helen Durdy, Social Worker

"I found that what I learned at the training was of enormous benefit in a way that I am now empowered with a lot more skills to support my clients."

Lilian Dias Da Silva, Case Worker

"Fabulous course, learnt loads and had fun."

Kerry Webster, Educational Psychologist

"Excellent overall – thought provoking and will move my practice on. Has excited me too and would be most interested in undertaking further training."

Conrad King, Educational Psychologist

"I'm feeling quite sure my practice will change due to attending this course"

Sian Bamford, Clinical Specialist Physio

"Without a doubt, the most relevant, inspirational and achievable course I have done since being in the team. I feel enthusiastic about applying the skills and theory to my practice. The course was superbly delivered by a very knowledgeable, competent tutor who was down to earth and humorous in appropriate places. Excellent!"

Claire Ranshaw, Community Support Worker

"Probably the best course I have been on."

Veronica Rye, Deputy Head Teacher / Inclusion Manager

"One of the best training courses I have ever attended! I was hooked for the whole of the 3-days ... Very good course – I would certainly recommend it"

Josie Knowles, Primary Mental Health Worker

"One of the most valuable, relevant and interesting courses I have ever been on."

Veronica Rye, Deputy Head Teacher / Inclusion Manager

"I have found the course very inspirational, it will help me in my practice. This will enable me to explore innovation in meeting children and young people's mental health in real life. Thank you."

Chris Etherington, Ta MHS Project Manager

"This course has given me a thirst to continue studies in this subject and I plan to continue development in this field."

Heather Featherstone, Family Intervention Key Worker

"If I were to sum up my experience in one word it would be superb!"

Paul Evans, Counsellor

"Best training I've ever been on in the NHS."

Pat Mills, Social Worker

"This course has been excellent, it has been the best and most relevant course I have ever attended."

Amy Hitchman, Self Harm Nurse

"Definitely the best course in usefulness and relevance to my practice since qualifying as a nurse … Fab!"

Kerry Hill, PMHW

"It is so refreshing to be able to participate in training of this high standard. Not only is it relevant, it was delivered in a 'real' way. Very informative, but also fun and challenging. Would volunteer to do further training with APT at anytime."

Hannah Clarke, Nurse Specialist

"I have studied CBT before but this was presented in a way that translated easily into the workplace."

Ann Casey, Social Worker

"Brilliant introduction to CBT … it has motivated me more to further my career and seek more in-depth CBT training."

Malgorzata Jasinska, RMN

"I was very impressed with every aspect of being here – from my initial phone call to completing the course … delivery of the curriculum was excellent."

Christine Gould, Hypnotherapist/Counsellor

"It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. My knowledge and understanding of CBT has been greatly increased and will be of immense use to me in my work as a stress manager. The course has been extremely professionally presented with humor, patience and great understanding."

Gill Hines, Stress Manager

"Pure, dead brilliant. Well presented, well structured, good pace. Excellent tutor, good material. Fun role plays, all the ingredients essential to make a great and interesting course. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Rose McLaren, FSW

"I feel empowered at gaining such great knowledge from the CBT course. It is aptly titled "Key Knowledge and Skills". I look forward to implementing the key concepts in my work with children and families. Thank you very much for this opportunity."

Will Cross, Assistant Educational Psychologist

"I've had a number of inputs on CBT - this one clearly the best yet!!"

Darren Suffolk, Senior Educational Psychologist

"The best course I have been on in years."

Dr Pam Fairhurst, Educational Psychologist

"Quite the best and most informative training course I have ever been on."

Peter Keeley, Volunteer (Project Development)

"This has been the most useful and relevant course I have done in a very long time."

Barry Edwards, CMHN

"This has been the most enjoyable training course I have undertaken and the most professionally facilitated."

Michael Cooper, Residential Social Services Officer

"There was not one aspect of the course that was not run well."

Jane Nichols, Social Worker

"This course has been key in the development of the ward I am currently on. It has helped to structure 1:1 sessions better, and we have been able to produce and implement CBT care plans with our patients, which have appeared to go well. We have had positive feedback from our patients, who say that some of the suggestions we give have been really helpful."

Michael Hutchinson, Course Delegate

"I was delighted to be allowed the opportunity to engage on a training experience that I at last found interesting and stimulating."

Juliana Allison-Horne, Social Worker

"I have been on courses before and never really enjoyed them but this was the first that I have really got so much out of."

Emma Brauer, Teaching Assistant

"I would recommend this course, it has certainly been the most useful and relevant course I have attended in years."

Course Delegate

"Course materials were excellent. It has enabled me as a practitioner to go into school and do something immediately."

Course Delegate

"A brilliant course, well constructed and much appreciated. Thanks!"

Sara Wilkinson, Acting Service Manager

"One of the most enjoyable, relevant and stimulating courses I have ever been on. I feel that many aspects of the course will have a prominent and lasting beneficial effect on my professional practice. Thanks very much!"

Rafit Malik, Trainee Educational Psychologist

"Felt that this is a course that can be directly applied to the work place as soon as we get back. Feel as if you can start to make a difference to practise straight away. Very relevant and useful, motivating and enthusing!!!"

Jane McLean, Practice Supervisor

"Excellent course, excellent facilitator, excellent pace! Course packed full of useful information to use with both clients and in supervision. We shall certainly be revising some of our practice following this course. Well paced, spread over three days, gave time to absorb and consider the information. I would recommend this course to anyone working in this area. It left me feeling that I wanted to know more!!"

Jan Winskell, Coordinator

"Well presented, enjoyable and above understandable. I already use many of these techniques but the course has offered an understanding of how to structure the techniques. I often feel that I am fire fighting when working with my client group – the course has given me the confidence to step back, relax and apply the session structure."

Susan Brooks-Hunte, Personal Adviser

"The course was interesting although a lot to take in, the course booklet very useful for me for reflective reading after each session. I liked all the examples, and feel confident to use and try learnt techniques thank you."

Lisa-Marie McKenzie, Payp Key Worker

"Very interesting and especially beneficial when we used active examples of work with our own clients."

George Turner, Key Worker

"Role plays were especially interesting. Quiz was a good way of recapping. Trainer showed an awareness of what we do and an appreciation of it (this doesn't always happen when trainer is from a different discipline other than trainees!)"

Catherine O' Mahony, Personal Adviser

"The course was eye opening and extremely relevant. I particularly gained from the techniques and theory as an individual. As a Personal Advisor I think the most useful and practical tools to take away would be the standard structure for sessions … I valued the fact that the tutor was in tune with the group and changed the set programme to suit the group's needs allowing us to explore issues and ways forward with live clients. It has been invaluable and I hope we will do more training in a similar field."

Peggy Jhugroo, Lead Personal Adviser

"Very interesting, enjoyable three days training. Enjoyed role play/group discussion. Facilitator was very clear, gave lots of opportunities to question. Would like to attend follow up training."

Samreen Choudrey, CPN

"Course was well delivered. Tutor very knowledgeable. Handbook and handouts very useful. Sufficient information. Teaching tools very adequate. Good use of role plays, video etc."

Shyama Narain, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Good structure – well organized – relevant to working with clients."

Raouf Peernaccus, Community Mental Health Nurse

"The training was very structured and relevant. The trainer was knowledgeable and had good use of training time. Everything was relevant to my job and I hope to incorporate everything that I learned from the training into my practice."

Emelia Yador, Social Worker

"I am keen to improve my practice and use of CBT is one avenue. I found the course content useful and I will continue to develop practice skills in the future. The pace of the course was good."

Allister Cairns, CPN

"A very good and interesting introduction to CBT. Course lecturer very easy to listen to and understand and explained things well, even more than once when required! It has given me a taste for taking up more similar courses in the future."

Karen Humphreys, Social Worker

"The training was delivered at a good pace with lots of practical activities to consolidate the concepts introduced. As someone who knew very little about CBT prior to the course, by the end I feel I have the knowledge to now build on developing my skills in delivering CBT. The booklet provides an excellent means by which I can refresh my memory – very well thought out. Thank you for a very enjoyable 3 days where I have acquired a very useful tool."

Caroline Kenney, Educational Psychologist

"I have found the course excellent, clear and relevant."

Lesley Jacob, Senior Practitioner (Educational Psychologist)

"Well presented and relevant. Some good and useful practical tips that can be used. Good materials (books, video/DVD and handout). Very good pace (which allowed the information to sink in!)"

Leonie Thomas, Educational Psychologist

"The most attractive quality of this course is that it can be applied to my own life and thus in my opinion makes it more meaningful and user friendly for use with clients."

Alicia Gibbs-Cox, Team Leader

"Thoroughly enjoyed this very relevant course. Can take back a lot from this and use it directly in my workplace. Extremely well presented with plenty of humor and variety. Resources excellent, handbook user friendly."

Mark Sullivan, Project Worker

"The whole course was enjoyable, interesting. The handbook will be useful and easy to pick up and refer to. No criticisms."

Wendy McClean, Nurse

"I would recommend this course to colleagues. Time well spent away from the clinical setting, time to reflect on practice and learn and refresh. What I have learnt will help me personally and professionally. Excellent work shop."

Peter Mozkey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Well structured, with clear supporting material. Good interactive sessions with excellent mixture of practice and discussion. Well timed, at no point did we feel time pressured. Tutor clearly was credible – knew his stuff, able to discuss personal experiences with clients and draw relevance. Good opportunity to share experiences within a multi professional group. This has been a very positive experience for me."

Joanne Mears, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Course facilitator inspiring. Kept people motivated and interested. Subject matter of course very relevant to area of work. Subject matter presented in a way which was accessible to all levels of staff."

Sanchia Silk, Team Leader

"Very interesting, enjoyable and excellent presentation. I have really enjoyed these three days and look forward to attending more courses in the future. I am looking forward to utilising my new skills at work. Very enjoyable indeed."

Johnny Higgins, Activities Co-ordinator

"Highly structured course, well organized, so coherent and easy to follow. Facilitated very well with great humility, patience and encouragements."

Poppy Spragne, Counseling Psychologist

"Clearly explained, interesting and enjoyable. Very relevant to my area of work."

Elinor Cocks, Staff Nurse

"It was a great course. Very intensive and challenging. This has to rate as being one of the best courses I have been on in a long time … Fantastic, a very humanistic tool to work with."

Elizabeth Rose, Day Faculty Manager

"Would definitely recommend course to my colleagues."

F Costigan, Dual Diagnosis Nurse

"After all the years of learning bits and pieces about CBT I finally understand it. Wonderfully taught, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you."

Joanne Stuart, Assistant Psychologist

"A very thought out, planned and presented course. Which was made very manageable. I liked the way the 3 days fitted in with each other and I felt as though I was able to fully grasp and practice the concepts of CBT."

Alison Welfare, Mental Health Nurse

"Most stimulating course I have been on. My interest and attention did not waver at all over the 3 days. Excellent pace, interesting case studies. Really good food for thought, both on a personal and professional basis. Now have lots of things that are really workable to take away with me. Thanks!"

M Faulkwer, Occupational Therapist

"An extraordinarily well presented and coherent course which provided the opportunity to consolidate/develop theoretical knowledge and experiment with some clinical applications. It was positive to build a growing awareness of the application of CBT with my client group and an excellent opportunity to work on case studies in groups and role plays."

Nicholas Gilbert. Senior Occupational Therapist

"I found the course very interesting and relevant both on a professional and personal level."

Edward Page, Occupational Therapist

"Left course feeling much more confident and looking forward to using CBT with my client."

Glenys Bowley, Community Mental Health Technical Instructor

"I enjoyed the course very much. It was both informative and applicable to the field of mental health in which I am engaged. I feel that the course provided a useful framework within which work with clients can take place. The skills that were imparted could be usefully used in my everyday life."

A Shearer, Social Work

"Excellent – really well presented, very educational, though-provoking and useful. The trainer was excellent at using good examples of practical ways to use the techniques with real clients in real situations."

A Jones, RMN

"I very much enjoyed the course, it has helped me to reflect on my own practice and I perceive I will be a better practitioner as a result. The course book and handouts are useful and will help me take my newly acquired skills into practice. Very enjoyable, very relevant and rewarding, I have no criticisms what so ever."

Andrew Holmes, Community Mental Health Nurse

"Extremely well organized and presented, clear and precise with lots of opportunity for questions and practice. I have learnt a huge amount and feel excited at the prospect of using it in my work."

Emma Goldfarb, Health Psychologist

"Very interesting course and very relevant to me in work – it has inspired me and I can't wait to go and try out some of these new techniques!!!"

Jessica Dixon, Occupational Therapist

"Well structured, with clear supporting material. Good interactive sessions with excellent mixture of practice and discussion ... This has been a very positive experience for me and would heartily recommend both the package and the tutor to others."

Joanna Mears, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"What I have learnt will help me personally and professionally. Excellent workshop."

Peter Mozkey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Thoroughly enjoyed this very relevant course. Can take back a lot from this and us it directly in the workplace. Extremely well presented with plenty of humor and variety."

Mark Sullivan, Project worker [NCH]

"Excellent course. I found it educational, interesting, relevant and practical. Looking forward to applying it to my work."

Christine Reddington, Project Worker

"The structure of the training has been well managed and facilitator was fantastic – made group feel at ease, within the first morning. I feel completely re-motivated to try these new approaches with my clients. Thank you (sincerely)."

Jennie Gibson, Project Worker

"I feel I really benefited from the course. It was informative, well structured and really interesting and I look forward to putting my new skills into practice."

Paul Dobbins, Project Worker

"Very intensive, very well facilitated, totally relevant."

Colin Middleton, Project Worker

"Fantastic, really well facilitated. Very passionate delivery. Great fun, challenging and informative."

Simon Hockley, Project Worker

"The course was well structured and the tutor clearly had good knowledge and skills (which is not always the case). This course will benefit me in being able to support clients in bringing about real positive change – I will be looking at further training. Thank you."

Tony Heneghan, PPO Worker

"It's the 1st time I have been on counseling training for three years so for me its given me new skills and ways of working with clients which is great."

Simon Manning, Project Worker

"I enjoyed the 3 days very much and glad I was able to be on the course. This I am sure will benefit me in my working practice. Well done and thank you."

Jacqui Fawn, Project Worker

"Loved the course, thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. I've finally discovered a way of working that provides the structure I've been wanting. I feel so much more motivated to continue my work. My general quality of life feels better right now. Fantastically facilitated. Very skilled and personable."

Michelle Ryell, Project Worker

"The course was so well structured it will be easy to remember. The depth of the course was also useful in the sense of being able to identify ways to work with blockages. Thank you."

Liesel Wilkes, Substance Misuse Outreach Worker

"Coming from a person centred background I was a little anxious about this course, even though I needed the training. Joseph was very warm and approachable and explained everything in detail. I was made to feel comfortable in the group and looked forward to each of the days. A very rewarding experience. Thank you."

Alison Lake, Project Worker

"Well structured course. Very useful tools to use with clients. Excellent theoretical underpinning for future training and will be involved in."

Jacqui Davies Smith, Project Worker

"The three days were very enjoyable. A lot to learnt but made easier because it was split into different ways to learn i.e. role plays, quiz, overhead projector, flip chart, different groups etc. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt I learnt all I needed to know."

Maxine Francis, Project Worker

"The course was really focused on what we needed to know in order to facilitate a series of CBT sessions. The mix of teaching techniques was balanced and well timed."

Stewart Qureski, Senior Project Worker

"The course was very well presented in a coherent and comprehensive fashion. All the material was accessible. The whole course will prove to be productive within my own workplace, in particular working with clients who suffer from depression or anxiety/panic attacks. I would recommend anybody who works in this area of nursing to do the course in order to enhance their own learning and skills."

Anna Marie Peake, Deputy Team Manager

"I have really enjoyed the course and I think it is a useful therapy to use on most of the patients with anxiety and depressive episodes that present themselves to hospital for treatment."

Stephen Nyavi, Senior Staff Nurse

"I did enjoy the delivery of this course both in its aural and written presentation. The clinical examples were very relevant and gave clear illustrations. I have had a chance to begin thinking about how to use CBT skills and techniques in my work place."

Delphine McComb, Primary Mental Health Worker

"This course has definitely made me look at the way I interact with my clients."

Angela Sobers, Social Worker

"A very concise and comprehensive course. Well structured with a balance of theory and practice. It really gives you a background to use some of the techniques with confidence in a wide range of settings and roles."

Jose Lopez, Activity Coordinator

"Tutor has an excellent knowledge of CBT and how it applies to children in schools – very important to us as educational psychologists … Really stimulating, excellent balance between theory and practice. Steep learning curve, thank you!"

Karan McCorry, Educational Psychologist

"Very enjoyable course – the right balance of activity and information so it felt as though any issues that might arise in practice were dealt with and discussed throughout, as well as the chance to practice and identify key strengths and areas we might personally need to develop."

Helen Carlow, Educational Psychologist

"It was really helpful having the course presented by someone from the same profession. Particularly appreciate the speed at which APT was able to organize the training. Very enjoyable!"

Michelle Sancho, Senior Educational Psychologist

"Very well presented. Good balance of activities/videos/lecture. Presenter checked regularly whether we wanted to do more of any activity/how things were going which was really welcome. Presenter had excellent knowledge of the topic and gave lots of examples and ideas. Excellent – thanks!"

Kate Pike, Educational Psychologist

"I felt the presenter was very good at adapting the content to meet the needs of the group. She also demonstrated the skills very well and there were good opportunities to practice new skills. Great that she was an educational psychologist as she had lots of practical ideas that can be used in our profession. The course was matched very well to our current knowledge and the needs of our profession."

Josephine Leach, Educational Psychologist

"Very rewarding – very much enjoyed it. Enjoyed all aspects of course. Super."

Darren Suffolk, Educational Psychologist

"The days have flown, every day I looked forward to coming and all the service told me how much they were enjoying the course. It was clear, well paced, with plenty of real experiences from a highly skilled professional. A thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience."

Hilary Mason, Principal Educational Psychologist

"The tutor has an excellent knowledge of CBT and how it applies to children in schools – very important to us as educational psychologists … Really stimulating, excellent balance between theory and practice. Steep learning curve, thank you!"

Karan McCorry, Educational Psychologist

"I really enjoyed this course as I have always been interested in CBT … I particularly enjoyed the practical exercises which served to consolidate knowledge. Liz was very well prepared and always presented in a most professional but friendly manner."

Karen Bailey, Chartered Educational Psychologist

"I felt the presenter was very good at adapting the content to meet the needs of the group. She also demonstrated the skills very well and there were good opportunities to practice new skills. Great that she was an educational psychologist as she had lots of practical ideas that can be used in our profession. The course was matched very well to our current knowledge and the needs of our profession."

Josephine Leach, Educational Psychologist

"An excellent 3 days – never a dull moment – excellent pace and atmosphere."

Elinor Kelly, Educational Psychologist

"Very enjoyable course – the right balance of activity and information so it felt as though any issues that might arise in practice were dealt with and discussed throughout, as well as the chance to practice and identify key strengths and areas we might personally need to develop."

Helen Carlow, Educational Psychologist

"Stimulating, pacy, good realistic role plays. Enjoyable, relaxed and fun. Excellent learning atmosphere."

Stephen Toombs, Educational Psychologist

"The tutor was great was great. It was really helpful having the course presented by someone from the same profession. Particularly appreciate the speed at which APT was able to organize the training. Very enjoyable!"

Michelle Sancho, Senior Educational Psychologist

CBT Essentials

CBT Essentials (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

A 3-day course (2-day and online versions available).

A favorite introduction to this powerful, evidence-based technique.

Now in its latest form this course has introduced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to thousands of people ever since 1983. It addresses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a way that you can use after the course. It covers: the history and meaning of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, conceptualising cases in CBT terms, the format of a standard CBT session, and the most important CBT techniques. All in a way that applies it constantly to practical examples.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live

Presentation: 93%

Relevance: 94%

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