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Suicide Prevention course feedback

CBT Plus, for Suicide Prevention, course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the CBT Plus, for Suicide Prevention course has received.

"I think the course is essential for all mental health related jobs, especially mine."

Course Delegate

"Excellent course and very well presented. Learnt more than I could have ever wished for on a course. This will absolutely enhance my practice. Thank you so much."

Deborah Clarke, (RMN) First Responder

"Fantastic course. Well presented. Excellent material. Excellent presentation. Knowledgeable presenter. Definitely applicable to my role. Highly recommend."

Carolyne Coenen, Mental Health Practitioner

"Definitely be putting this training into action. Highly recommend this to other professionals. 5 star."

Sarah Biggin, Senior ISVA

"Awesome, comprehensive, relevant and entertaining. Thank you."

Rick Martin, Senior Mental Health Practitioner

"I have found this course one of the most interesting, thought provoking and inspiring courses I have been on and will definitely take my new knowledge forward in my practice."

Chris Marquis, Staff Nurse

"I loved the course. Extremely informative and meaningful. I have learned a great deal, have many more tools and resources and it will definitely improve my practice. I will take what I have learned and apply it within my team."

Nicola Thomas, Team Manager

"An excellent course which was well presented allowing me to reflect and validate my current practice. It has also helped me develop my skills further. I found it spportive and enhancing to be on the course with my colleagues."

Julia Ferris, CPN

"The tutor was very engaging and knowledgeable. This meant that the course content was delivered in a genuine and meaningful way. I felt validated in my current clinical practice but also took a great deal from the sessions in terms of enhancing my practice. Finally, the sessions brought the team together which meant we felt supported during an emotionally demanding topic area."

Gemma Hendry, Clinical Psychologist

"Very educative, informative and relevant to the client group we are working with - wish all staff could get this opportunity. It will be beneficial not only to the clients but to staff having this knowledge. Well done - simply structured and you made it interesting. I wish I could have the training again many times."

Olivia Bwanika, Staff Nurse

"It was a very well informed course. The knowledge gained on the course will help me to identify and manage better the suicidal risks of the patients in my caseload and those I see in primary care."

Appanah Appadoo, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"Very beneficial to my role and I will encourage others on my team to attend. Very informative, interesting and lots of things to take away and use in my practice."

Rebecca Viney, Offender Health

"I feel that despite having many years of working with patients at risk of suicide that this course has been an invaluable refresher, with some tools I have not been aware of and will use in the future."

Linda Smith, Team Leader

"This was a very enjoyable course which was very well presented. I enjoyed the anecdotes which the presenter used to enhance the learning. I found the content relevant and it has enhanced my existing skills and knowledge."

Tracy Tappenden, Clinical Lead

"I found this course very useful and relevant. I had experience with service users who had taken an overdose and others with suicidal thoughts, and which I was unsure what to do. Now I have heard from the tutor I wish I attended this course earlier so I could have addressed previous users appropriately and professionally. I now feel more confident in how to address should someone experience suicidal thoughts or attempt suicide. Thank you."

Fiona Greensit, Assistant Manager

"This course was useful, practical and helpful. It has given me confidence in dealing with clients expressing suicidal thoughts and in my own ability to assess risk and make a reasonable plan for the person."

Joanne Danby, Social Worker

"I have a positive feeling about working with people who may be suicidal, whereas beforehand I was very uncertain that I could actually do anything practical to help."

Neal Hirst, Social Work Student

"A highly relevant, affirming and reassuring piece of training."

Claire Baldwin, Probation Office

"Having the confidence as a professional you can still make change is vital to the work and role. Great course, a must for all, including medics."

Tracy Robinson, AMHP

"One of the most enjoyable courses I have attended in the past 10 years."

Mark Blake, Mental Health Liaison Nurse

"Fantastic course. I have learnt a lot of new skills that I can use in my nursing practice. One of the best training courses I have attended, well delivered and presented. Tutor was excellent."

Zoe McWilliams, RMN

"This course has been inspirational to me and has given me many ideas for working with depressed patients."

Lloyd Ramsey, Staff Nurse

"I will walk away with a more structured approach to engaging with my clients. Really valuable course. Thank you very much."

Marietts Khorramdel, Staff Nurse

"Presented in a very open style, lots of questions and answers, used material well and used lots of 'real' examples which felt relevant. Really interactive and flexible. Overall, increased my confidence in this work but also gave me useable techniques and tools which will be really helpful."

Tod Riley, Senior Practitioner

"I thought the tutor was fantastic and it was a privilege to learn from somebody who is obviously such an expert in his subject. I also liked the fact that he is a practitioner rather than just a theorist."

Jo Garnham, Probation Officer

"I really enjoyed the course, it has given me the motivation to find out more. It has given me the confidence to deal with suicidal thoughts head on."

Kathy Burbridge, Victim Liaison Officer

"I hoped it would provide me with different methods of working with people at risk of suicide and it has."

Zoe Brown, Probation Officer

"The three days have been fascinating. I have learnt so much. There has been a lot of learning around mental health, not just suicide. I will definitely try to apply what I've picked up in my supervisor sessions - also in my own private life. I am inspired to study further."

Julie McCormack, Probation Service Officer

"There were nuggets of information and pearls of clinical wisdom that are generically applicable across a range of patient groups. I would highly recommend this course."

Declan Lyons, Consultant Psychiatrist

"It will have an immediate impact on my work through use of resources and in the longer term through developing new working styles."

William James, Principal Psychologist

"I believe this was extremely relevant to my role and will be invaluable when taken forward."

Elizabeth Clayton, Ward Sister

"Really helpful, with specific ideas which can be used in the workplace with immediate effect. Very enjoyable. Affirming. Inclusive (I like that!). Good use of different techniques; lecture, group discussion etc – made us feel we wanted more."

Christine Cumming, Community Coach

"I have really enjoyed the course today and will take away a lot from the course. The tutor was outstanding and delivered the course in an excellent manner."

Course Delegate

"I really enjoyed the course. Gave me the chance to reflect on current practice. Enjoyed listening to all professionals/their views and experiences."

Karen King, Social Worker

"I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot of which I will hopefully be able to put into practice within my personal and working life."

Course Delegate

"It was excellent, one of the best training sessions I have been on."

Course Delegate

"The course was delivered to an excellent standard by the tutor – with an eclectic approach considering the importance of biological, social, sociological and psychological factors when intervening in a person's private family life. The tutor's vale base and gentle manner made this an extremely enjoyable course – she encouraged peer discussions and support which reminded me that my practice is okay within a very difficult area of practice. Unlike so many other courses I have attended I remained interested and enthusiastic throughout. Thank you."

Laura Mulgrew, Approved Social Worker

"I would highly recommend this course to all front line staff. Well done and thank you."

Eamonn Sherry, APSW Training Officer

"I would recommend this course for all practitioners."

Fiona McDowall, Social Worker

"I have really enjoyed this training, it has been very beneficial and informative. I'm very keen to go back to my workplace to implement what I have gained from this course. I look forward to attending future APT courses … Thank you."

Course Delegate

"Brilliant course. Very well presented."

Victor Moore, Clinical Team Leader

"At my level, communication and interpersonal skills training in such a topic is an excellent opportunity to help develop my skills to motivate and train my team. I am sure this course will be beneficial to our unit and the client group."

G.Finaker - Unit ward manager

"Really enjoyed the 3 days. Course content very relevant to my area of practice and will enable me to apply more specific care and support to the patients. Enhanced my knowledge of patients at risk of suicide and made me less fearful of using my knowledge and abilities to discuss this subject with at risk patients – the whole course content is very thought provoking and the accompanying workbook is thorough and well presented. An excellent course to attend – thanks!"

Pam Abbey. Nurse Practitioner

"The course was very well presented and very relevant to my area of work. The course guide is well put together and comprehensive but easy to understand. I am sure that this course has enlightened my ways of doing things … I will certainly apply this teaching in my area of work."

Yasmin Shewfield. Staff Nurse

"I found this course very helpful, both in re-evaluating my past contacts/interventions with this client group and developing skills to improve my interventions. The presentation was just right and the ability of the tutor to lighten the subject at times was much appreciated."

Louise Lee. CPN

"One of the most motivating, engaging and professional training seminars I've been to. The facilitator not only had a great deal of credibility in the subject, but an ability to really facilitate learning, questioning and practising. I found the course content particularly relevant to the area I'm working in, and will be recommending it to my colleagues."

Tania Nicholls. Senior I.O.T

"This has been such a brilliant three days on all counts. I have learnt so much which I will be able to use. It will really change my practice and give me confidence. I have also enjoyed the way it has been presented – so skillfully and serious without being dull or boring. The group has been great too. Everyone has really thrown themselves in."

Rosy Forward. Head Occupational Therapist

"Excellent presentation. Very professional approach. Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect including the stories/anecdotes and humor that the tutor brings in. It really made it come alive! I feel much more equipped for the workplace now and feel the key elements have lodged in my memory banks. Role plays in the afternoon were a very good learning forum. Overall superb."

Owen Davies. Occupational Therapist

"Really enjoyed the 3 days. Course content very relevant to my area of practice and will be able to apply more specific care and support to the patients ... the whole course content is very thought provoking and the accompanying workbook is thorough and well presented"

Simon Noyes - Course attendee

"At my level, communication and interpersonal skills training in such a topic is an excellent opportunity to help develop my skills to motivate and train my team. I am sure this course will be beneficial to our unit and the client group."

G.Finaker - Unit Ward Manager

"The course was very useful to me as we get a lot of suicidal patients with active thoughts. Having attended this course has given me the opportunity of learning and taking back all the vital information to my colleagues so that each and everyone of us will have a clear understanding of how to help these people. The tutor has been very good and made the course very, very interesting and everybody felt involved. May he keep up the good work. Excellent work done."

Lorraine Chombo. Senior Staff Nurse

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, presented beautifully, content informative and transferable to practice."

Course participant

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course as it gave a comprehensive overview of how to deal with people wanting to commit suicide. I feel I can work and hopefully change a person's mind about committing suicide."

Michael Hallam. RMN

"Very enjoyable and extremely relevant course, will use all I have learned from this course in my work and share with colleagues. Will recommend this course to colleagues. Very good lecturer, very motivating."

Katrina Kelly. Community Nurse

"Very useful and innovative. I will certainly use this approach for people at risk of suicide in my line of work. The information handbook is quite handy – can always refer back to it when stuck. The group work too has been quite useful – helped bring the theory into practice and making sense of the whole approach. Thanks to the lecturer."

Juliana Muramba. Crisis Team

The Professional Management of Suicide Risk and Suicidality

Suicide Prevention.

Suicide prevention is a vitally important topic because it affects so many people, and it affects them so deeply.

Historically, professionals have found it a difficult subject to work with, and we have developed a series of courses with the aim of remedying that. Our suicide prevention training consists of:

1. Suicide Awareness (half-day)

2. Suicide-Risk Assessment and Management (2 days)

3. CBT Plus, for Suicide Prevention (3 days)

4. Using your existing skills to work effectively with suicide (2 days)

This enables you to build the perfect package for your needs.

Find out more

Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 96%

Relevance: 96%

Online Live*

Presentation: 97%

Relevance: 96%

*This online live ratings are taken from the last four runnings of the course in this format.

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