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Solution Focused Therapy course feedback

SFT Essentials (Solution-Focused Therapy), course feedback.

The Association for Psychological Therapies prides itself on the written feedback we receive for our courses. Below is just some of the great reviews the SFT Essentials (Solution-Focused Therapy) course has received.

"Absolutely brilliant! Probably one of the best courses I have been on. Very relevant to nursing within mental health."

Natalie Bradshaw, Staff Nurse

"This course has been excellent in all aspects from content through to delivery. I can envisage using most if not all strategies to enhance my work with parents and young people alike. A most valuable three days. Thank you."

Norma Goode, Social Care Officer

"Brilliant course! Really enjoyable - will definitely be able to use all the skills I have used in practice. Tutor was fantastic and made the course enjoyable and interesting."

Charmaine O'Dell, Occupational Therapist

"Fantastic training course delivered by an exceptional tutor. The tutor had a brilliant energy and the course kept my attention throughout."

Hannah Weaver, Clinical Team Leader

"This has been the most educational and practical course I have been on in years. The tutor allowed me to become excited again about my practice. I remembered why I decided my career would be in mental health. I will utilize everything we have learned daily in my job. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days."

Course Delegate (Practitioner)

"Excellent course by an excellent tutor. 3 days of growth and real learning to help with helping people further on their journeys. 5-star in everything."

Jonathan Jones, Senior Practitioner

"Excellent course. I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues. I feel I have learned to think about different ways to work effectively with my patients. I know this is only the beginning and I will attempt to use and practise these skills daily."

Course Delegate (Senior Practitioner)

"I really enjoyed everything about this course. I am already excited about using BSFT elements in my role with the families I work with."

Amber-Lee Fielding, Family Support Worker

"Fantastic training course delivered by an exceptional tutor. She had a brilliantly energy and the course kept my attention throughout. Thank you!"

Hannah Weaver, Clinical Team Leader

"All very relevant to my practice and delivered with evidence based research. I now have more tools in my bag to use and alternative strategies to explore. Very knowledgeable and interesting facilitator who delivered the course expertly and eloquently with excellent examples to allow understanding."

Fiona Lilley, Clinical Team Leader

"It was great to be on a course that will be so helpful for clinical practice. The tutor made it really relaxed, was enthusiastic and very approachable."

Helen Phillips, Admiral Nurse

"This is by far the best and most enjoyable training I have ever attended. The tutor was brilliant at facilitating and had a lovely manner which made it fun as well as educational. This was top class training from an expert in the field! Thank you so much."

Amanda Leggett, Assistant Practitioner

"I can't even tell you how relevant this course has been to my practice. It made me reflect and learn excellent new skills. My patients will hopefully benefit too. The best course ever (well, so far!)"

Hana Hani, OT

"Brilliant course - fantastic, enthusiastic and motivational facilitator. Really enjoyed it and very relevant to my work ... Will definitely utilize knowledge and tools from the course in my everyday work place. Thank you!!"

Karen Pugh, Case Manager/OT

"Having completed this wonderful course I feel sure that I will be implementing all aspects in my professional capacity and personal life. I found the tutor superb and extremely thought provoking and her guidance through the programme excellent. Thank you."

Candice Ringer, Disability Strand Co-ordinator

"Having done this course over ten years ago it was beneficial to do the course again as a refresher. However there were so many aspects of brief, solution-focused therapy that I had forgotton. The past two days have been inspiring. It has been looking at the work that we do with 'new eyes'. I have enjoyed the two days immensely and plan to continue working with a renewed passion."

Yvonne Daley, CMHN

"An absolutely brilliantly presented course ... I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has client contact. Amazing!"

Gemma Tunnell, Psychiatric Liaison Nurse

"This has to be the best training course I have been on."

Sally Gillies, Social Worker

"I felt the course was excellent and it was superbly delivered. The learning and new knowledge will help me with my already existing skills ... I would thoroughly recommend this course."

Robert Annesley, Service Manager

"Very useful course, will enhance my practice greatly ... has empowered me to look further at my practice and how I deal with problems faced before and after the course."

Fran Grimsley, Substance Misuse Nurse for Children

"I've really enjoyed this course. I feel that it has totally altered the way in which I view my patients' problems. I can definitely see myself using this approach as it is fully applicable to my setting. Thank you."

Elleanor Bartlett, OT

"This course has been extremely useful and inspiring ... I now feel confident enough to start implementing these techniques and feel motivated to support even those clients I have felt 'stuck with'. Well done!"

Kosar Khan, OT

"I have benefitted greatly from this course. It has given me more skills and strategies to cope with my client groups. I would recommend this course to anyone. Well done."

Jackie Philips, Occupational Therapist

"Brilliant course and I will definitely put it into practice."

Hanna Bousouf, Street Based Youth Worker

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel eager and inspired to begin using Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy. It has already made me re-evalute ways I can tackle persistent problems. The way it was presented was at the right pace and my interest was constant."

Pam Jennings, Clinical Nurse

"I feel my knowledge and awareness of BSFT has increased massively and I am excited to put it into practice. Thank you."

Kristina Ancian, Clinical Nurse

"Very clearly laid out course. Excellent trainer. Professional, knowledgeable and refreshingly approachable. Contained group well and was extremely motivational. I am enthusiastic and very keen to incorporate what I have learned into practice."

Fiona Thompson, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

"Enjoyed everything about this course! Thank you."

Susan High, Outreach Nurse

"I didn't really know what to expect from the course initially. However it has given me confidence and boosted my skills base so that I can take it back to my workplace and implement the principles and practices."

Angharad Evans, Children Centre Manager

"Really enjoyed the course, will definitely be able to use some of the techniques learnt. Tutor was very knowledgeable and gave good examples of case studies and how it has been used in her sessions. Will definitely recommend it. Thank you."

Jackie Phillips, Occupational Therapist

"The tutor has been an absolute inspiration."

Rhiannon Edwards, Family Support Practitioner

"I enjoyed and highly valued the professionalism, quality and endeavours of APT and particularly the tutor."

Jennifer Gower, Specialist SLT

"I feel that this is a positive learning experience and recommend it to all mental health professionals who can access it."

Leanne Algeo, Occupational Therapist

"The course was fantastic - especially in the way the tutor facilitated the course in such an enjoyable manner. Never lost concentration and would look forward to training by APT again."

Nikki Moore, CAMHS Nurse

"Superb course, brilliantly presented. This course should be mandatory for all those working in mental health."

Ben Incles, Recovery Link Worker

"Very well presented course that suits a range of learning styles. Group discussions were well facilitated and encouraged and have enabled wider learning - particularly around application to practice and different client groups. One of the most useful courses I have attended in a long time - I will be recommending to colleagues."

Cari Longhurst, Occupational Therapist

"This has been the most useful, interesting and relevant course I've been on in the last 26 years. Thank you."

Suzanne Wyard, Primary Health Link Worker

"This course was very enjoyable, refreshing and very informative. I will definitely be implementing what I've learned into my support work role. The tutor was very easy to talk to and made the course a pleasure. Thank you. Look forward to the next course with APT."

Amanda Blackmore, Support Worker

"Very enjoyable course and an excellent tutor. One of the best courses I've ever done."

Mark Campbell, Support Worker

"Absolutely excellent ... the course was packed full of excellent tips, was very clear and easy to understand."

Kim Hughes, County Manager

"I enjoyed every aspect of the course and am really looking forward to applying what I've learned not only in my work but also in my personal life. The presentation was excellent and the tutor was very knowledgeable. There was a good balance of listening and practical activities which kept it interesting. I would definitely recommend this course to others."

Katie Barrett-Goode, Co-ordinator

"I found the course very informative and relevant to my role in the community. Wish I had done it years ago as it feels like it is the type of skills that have been missing from my clinical work and expertise."

Leanne Smith, Occupational Therapist

"I have really enjoyed the course, it was 100% relevant to my work and compliments other interventions that I use."

Joanna Perry, Primary Mental Health Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have found every aspect interesting and useful ... Thank you very much, I feel excited at the prospect of implementing BSFT into my practice."

Jane Coy, Occupational Therapist

"Often challenging the brain cells but I've never spent three whole days so enthralled, completely captivated."

Michelle Kennedy, Senior Care Manager

"This has been one of the most enjoyable and stimulating courses that I have attended. The handbook will be useful for review and revision. It is going to be very relevant to my work within the crisis team and there will be many scenarios when I can apply this learning. The tutor has a comfortable and validating teaching style, which has enhanced my learning. The review by quiz and practical sessions have enabled my consolidation."

Helen Quaintance, Mental Health Practitioner

"Thoroughly enjoyable and valuable, presented with energy, purpose and clearly explained. An extremely valuable course which I will implement in practice. The source materials are extremely useful (i.e. the book containing slides with references etc)."

Simon Wood, Registered Nurse (CAMHS)

"The best course I've done for a long time. It's a real tool I can use in my daily practise. Very relevant to my job."

Kathrin Buchwald, Occupational Therapist

"A course I would recommend to other professionals."

Gillian Ng, Project Worker

"I really enjoyed the course. It definitely met my expectations. I have learnt some new techniques which I will definitely put into practice. I particularly enjoyed the role play exercises and watching the video clips ... I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues."

Sanchia Biswas, Assistant Psychologist

"One of the best training courses I've done in 20 years service."

Bev Watling, Family Intervention Project Health Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the first therapy course I have completed in several years and have found it energizing. I am keen to start practicing and developing the skills I have learnt over the past 3 days. I have one or two clients I have become 'stuck' with so looking forward to using some of my new knowledge. Thank you so much."

Kate Gusman, CPN

"This type and quality of training is rare. I wish I had attended this course years ago … Excellent tool, fantastic. Lecturer was highly skilled and very good communicator. Highly recommended. Thanks."

Jane Kiguru, Care Co-ordinator

"The best and most relevant training course I've ever attended! The concept is so simple however the implications of shifting your thought process slightly is staggering. A wonderful learning opportunity that can be used equally successfully professionally and personally."

Fiona Bowles (4 month feedback)

"A totally new way of looking at problems in every way of life. Will utilize this at every opportunity. Charlie was an excellent trainer who kept my interest and was highly professional. I will not forget the last 3 days."

Heather MacPherson, Support Worker

"An excellent training course which was very well presented. I feel very lucky that the tutor was experienced, engaging and enthusiastic. I feel much more motivated towards helping my clients, particularly those with very entrenched difficulties. The course offers a great variety of ideas for intervention. It has also given me ideas for improving my own life. Thank you very much."

Liz Harding, Community OT

"The best training I have ever been on."

Kelly Reilly, Assistant Psychologist

"I enjoyed the course and will greatly benefit from it. I feel it will make a major contribution towards my practice and professional development and found it empowering."

Shabina Rockley-Sharma, Social Worker

"Thank you for presenting us this beautiful course, I love it!."

Course Delegate

"This has been the most beneficial course I have ever attended. It has given me new insights, techniques and approaches, but above all it has allowed me to look at the wide approach to positive psychology."

Diane Peebles

"The course should be a requisite for all careworkers/team leaders and those involved in direct work with young people … An excellent course that is very applicable to our work with young offenders."

Lesley McPeak, Team Leader

"I think the book I am taking home is an excellent resource. One I will keep looking out throughout my career I'm sure! Overall a great course, one I will definitely recommend."

Michelle Taylor, Assistant Psychologist

"Absolutely excellent, the quality of APT courses leaves me speechless. The trainer's presentation style was second to none with an excellent blend of facts, interactive exercises and fun whilst learning. A very big thank you."

Julie Link, Primary Mental Health Worker

"Motivating and engaging. Fun yet very informative. Inspiring! One of the best training events I have been on for a long time."

Chris Shelton, Parenting Officer

"Has to have been the most informative, enjoyable APT course to date. Highly recommend to future candidates."

John Kay, Senior MH Practitioner (RMN)

"Best therapy training I've been on."

Esy Oluwafemi, Coordinator

"This course has been fantastic, it's been interesting, challenging and very motivating."

Victoria Davidson, Staff Nurse

"Excellent training and should be available to all people in a supporting role."

Denise Tierney, Time and Recovery Worker

"Entirely relevant – great opportunity to recognize a positive approach for a change."

Emma Whistance, ISSP Co-ordinator

"These have been the most useful training days I have attended since qualifying as a psychiatric nurse."

Colin Blair, Community Psychiatric Nurse

"I enjoyed the course enormously – very well presented with humor and clarity. Very refreshing to attend a course that gave therapeutic guidelines for contact work. Thoroughly entertaining and varied group, well managed by tutor."

Rosalind Sanders, Social Worker

"The course has left me feeling energized to go back to work and try these new ideas. The course was extremely well presented. The tutor was the best I have worked with for a long, long time. Thank you very much."

Mark Randall, Nurse Practitioner

"I can honestly say this has been the best training I have received … the education will be a credit to my knowledge."

Christian King, Support Worker

"This is a fantastic resource that will be used always."

John Oladiran, Staff Nurse

"I thought that the course was the most interesting and engaging that I have ever encountered."

Nermin Murat, Assistant Psychologist

"This has been the most enjoyable, relevant and well presented course I have ever attended. Extremely catchy and inspiring. I will certainly take away with me a wealth of new ideas and process."

Lesley Macdonald, Senior Occupational Therapist

"This was a wonderful course, worthwhile and justified ... the course has changed the way I approach my clients and I am sure they will benefit from this learning."

Janice Pedersen, Admiral Nurse

"A spectacular course. Excellently presented."

Rohit Bhardwaj, Doctor

"This course has been very interesting and exciting. I have learned a lot of new techniques which I am going to practice."

Mike Guddoy, CPN

"Very relevant, good workbooks and ideas."

Course Delegate

"One of the best courses I have been on. Presentation was excellent. The trainer's knowledge base and principles of practice were for me inspirational."

Paul Chisholm, Pupil Support Worker

"Fantastic! Well presented, effective learning environment."

Kathleen Wilson, Family Support Worker

"I am going away more confident, more aware and happy to put into practice the knowledge I have learned. Pure dead brilliant."

Rose McLaren - Family Support Worker

"A refreshing change to learn something that is relevant to clinical practice."

Caroline Lewis, Nurse Specialist

"Fantastic! A very well presented and relevant course."

Michelle Genis, Assistant Practitioner

"This has been the best course I have been on. I will definitely use some of what I've learnt in my clinical practice."

Carol Rowlands, GP Liaison

"Excellent course to attend to broaden ones horizon. 'miss it and miss out'."

Michael Sarbeng, Social Therapist

"Fantastic, will be telling my service to send more people on the training. Very focused and practice based. Very easy to understand and great fun."

Kate Spriggs, Operational Manager

"I thought this was a very informative and inspiring course that will benefit my clinical work enormously. The content and presentation style was superb and highly enjoyable. I will recommend this to my colleagues."

Pritesh Joshi, Occupational Therapist

"This was an intensive but un-rushed course - the best and most relevant to me in a very long time. The tutor was passionate and knowledgeable about his subject matter and presented the learning so enthusiastically - it was infectious."

Kristin Akinkugbe, Social Worker

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The presentations and interactions with other course members have been paced well and encouraged learning. The course content has been very relevant to my area of practice. I believe this model has a place to be used independently and also alongside other therapeutic tools. A very well presented, interesting and enjoyable course. I look forward to putting Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy into practice."

Naomi King, Clinical Nurse Specialist

"I have found this course to be the most beneficial that I have ever been on. I am able to relate it directly to my work. I have been impressed by the course material and the way the material has bee presented. I would definitely do another APT course. I am going to read up about Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy to ensure my continuing professional development in this area and enable me to effectively use it with my clients. I have learnt a lot!"

Ceri Gallant, Primary Care Mental Health Worker

"The course was very well presented and well paced, the tutor facilitated the course excellently and it was made very interesting. I believe that the skills learned will benefit myself and my clients immensely."

Caroline Middleton, Drug/Project Worker

"I found the course extremely interesting and challenging. The tutor was very knowledgeable and very effective at delivering training. I would recommend the course to anyone in my field of work."

Michelle Smith, Project Worker

"Expertly and excellently presented! It is a credit to the facilitator that the course was pitched in at the right professional level. The role play component was an excellent tool for the course. In summary, as a Senior Clinician I have found the course extremely useful and believe that it will be regularly used by myself within my clinical area."

Aileen Real, Senior Clinical Nurse Practitioner

"This was a well researched, practical and applicable course. The constant use of examples I found particularly useful."

T Hayden, Staff Nurse

"I found this course extremely useful and a refreshing course with a different way of looking at presenting problems. It is a technique that can easily be adapted in my place of work. It is a course that actually gave answers, something rarely seen these days on courses."

Rose Waters, Ward Manager

"A truly fantastic course. Well – presented, informative and so relevant to my work. The ideas/theories/strategies are sound, make sense and are to some degree what I try to utilize already. The course has inspired me to further adapt skills, enhancing them, whilst also trying out new ideas that really make sense. The course has a good balance of theory and group work/discussion. Surprisingly for a 3 day course I not once felt my concentration lapse – an amazing feat. Thank you so much."

Penny Lamdin, Staff Nurse

"Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it, very informative and very very appropriate for my work/life. I would strongly recommend this course to colleagues and people I know in similar professions."

Parwaiz Nazir, Intensive Support Worker

"I came to the course with a vague idea of the content, but have come away full of ideas and new concepts. I found the course valuable and relevant and will return to work with new ideas that I can share with my colleagues."

Sarah Garner, Residential Social Worker

"A very valuable course which is very applicable to my client group. An excellent course."

Jacintha Richards-Bell, CPN

"This is the best course from APT that I have attended. Very clear, practical and relevant, and taught in a way which was straight forward and easy to understand."

Paul McLaughlan, Acting Manger

"I have enjoyed every second on this course, very interesting and challenging view to see things differently. Very useful knowledge. Thank you very much!"

Kelly Reilly, Assistant Psychologist

"I enjoyed the course and will greatly benefit from it. I feel it will make a major contribution towards my practice and professional development and found it empowering."

Kcetja Kinnamhen, Staff Nurse

"Brilliant, what this course did was to enhance methods that I already use by providing a better framework/structure allowing me to focus more on solutions than I have done previously. This is the first course in which I have felt the information has been delivered at a good pace and intermingling exercises."

K. Wong, Residential Child Care Officer

"Presenter welcoming, friendly, made me feel at ease. Explained procedures well and maintained a high level of interest. I look forward to using Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy at work with enthusiasm as engendered by the presented. Very enjoyable, rewarding 3 days. Thank you."

Kate Scott, Staff Nurse

"An excellent course that was engaging and challenging. It emphasized present skills and new ones and how to implement them in a structured way."

Neil Ross, Staff Nurse

"I enjoyed the 3 days and found it completely relevant to the work I do. I am looking forward to using it and can't wait to get started."

Pauline McAllister, Nurse

"Very enjoyable and completely appropriate to the work I am doing. Pace and delivery were just right and the course materials will be very useful for future reference. I could now honestly say that I would like to integrate the Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy approach into my work."

Julie Speed, Young Persons Drug Worker

"Interesting, valuable, insightful and excellent three days. Feel enthusiastic and motivated to start applying Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy elements within own practice and feel it will become a valuable approach to add to my current toolbox. Very applicable to my client group."

Caroline Mastin-Haymes, Nurse Specialist

"Well presented and very relevant to my practice. I would recommend the course to my colleagues. I hope to apply knowledge gained in my clinical practice. One of the best courses I have ever attended."

Mobariiku Mahama, Deputy Charge Nurse

"Most enjoyable and useful course. Very well presented with relevant stories and examples which made it come alive. I shall certainly be able to use Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy techniques in my place of work."

Stephanie McMillan, Community Mental Health Nurse

"The course was very well presented and well paced, the tutor facilitated the course excellently and it was made very interesting. I believe that the skills learned will benefit myself and my clients immensely. Thank you."

Course Delegate, Drug/Project Worker

"An intensely relevant, clear, concise course presented with great humility, energy and enthusiasm. As usual, the APT course structure was highly professional and organized but to have a lecturer who is patient, sensitive, approachable and appropriately humorous makes the whole experience a very enjoyable one. Thank you."

Course Delegate

"Very enjoyable and completely appropriate to the work I am doing. Pace and delivery were just right and the course materials will be very useful for future reference. I could now honestly say that I would like to integrate the BSFT approach into my work and I look forward to our summary session. Many Thanks"

Course Delegate, Young Persons Drugs Worker

"I came to the course with a vague idea of the content, but have come away full of ideas and new concepts. I found the course valuable and relevant and will return to work with new ideas that I can share with my colleagues. I particularly found the role playing element of the course useful as it offered the opportunity to put the skills learnt into practice. Altogether, a very informative, well presented course"

Course Delegate, Residential Social Worker

"Fantastically well structured and presented course, look forward to using newly learned skills in practice."

Karen Smith. Staff Nurse

"Presenter welcoming, friendly, made me feel at ease. Explained procedures well and maintained a high level of interest. I look forward to using Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy at work with enthusiasm as engendered by the presented. Very enjoyable, rewarding 3 days. Thank you."

Kate Scott. Staff Nurse

"An excellent course that was engaging and challenging. It emphasized present skills and new ones and how to implement them in a structured way."

Neil Ross. Staff Nurse

"Really enjoyed course, well presented and informative. Will be useful within work place."

Catriona MacDonald, Staff Nurse

"Found the group work useful for reinforcing principles taught. Useful in whatever field of mental health we may work in in the future. Realistic intervention for use in real world."

Jean Brown, Staff Nurse

"Good mix of tutorial and exercises, relaxed non-threatening environment created. Feel I will definitely utilize interventions in my work."

Cathy Roddie, Staff Nurse

"An excellent course expertly and empathically presented and facilitated."

Ian Longmuir, Staff Nurse

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course. Benefited from looking at my practice and maybe changing the way I work with clients."

JLilias Coyne, Staff Nurse

"Lectures clear and informative with good theoretical content – fun as well."

Claire Wells, Staff Nurse

"Enjoyed 3 day course. Relevant to my work place. Currently using some skills already mentioned but will now be able to expand on them. Looking forward to practising skills learned. Tutor made session relaxing and free from anxiety."

Lesley Smith, Staff Nurse

"The course was extremely well presented and a very enjoyable learning experience. There is much from these 3 days that I can and will adapt to practice. I have met my goals from the course and other additional achievements and this educational experience will increase my confidence and skills in the work place, it will also I feel benefit my client group towards greater attainment of positive change. Thank you."

David Lyall, CPN

"I really enjoyed my 3 days it was educational and also very well presented."

Seonaid Quin, CPN

"I thought the content of the course was very well timed and paced. There were adequate opportunities to comment/ask questions and I always felt very 'safe' in doing so."

Gwen Robertson, CPN

SFT Essentials

SFT Essentials.

A 3-day course (2-day version also available).

An approach to problems that is fundamentally positive and comes as a breath of fresh air to professionals and clients alike.

Another of APT's top courses, this aims to introduce you to the principles of SFT / SFBT in a way that gives you a firm grasp of them and enables you to use them in a safe and helpful way. You should become at home with the approach which is often seen as a 'breath of fresh air' both to client and professional, looking for and finding effective solutions for problems, rather than being sucked further and further into the problem itself.

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Feedback Ratings

Feedback Ratings.

We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course, which are updated periodically.


Presentation: 98%

Relevance: 95%

Online Live

Presentation: 95%

Relevance: 96%

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